Compounded TDG and Oral Suspensions for Pets

Compounded medications for pets offer an easier alternative for pets that hate taking pills, and people that hate giving them. If you are thinking about switching your pet’s traditional medication over to a compounded one, you may be wondering how to determine the correct dosage and amount to order.

Compounded Transdermal Gels for Pets

Compounded Transdermal Gel Medications for Pets Available at VetRxDirect

Compounded Transdermal Gel Medications for Pets

Compounded Transdermal Gel is applied to the skin and absorbs into the bloodstream. Methimazole, Prednisolone, Cisapride, Amitriptyline, Atenolol, Fluoxetine and Amlodipine Besylate are some of the medications available in gel. Transdermal gels are available in a variety of dosages.

For transdermal gel the dosage or concentration is described in milligrams/milliliter “mg/mL”, which is the strength of the medication per mL of gel. Transdermals compounded by the VetRxDirect pharmacy are made in the mg/0.1mL concentration, milligram per one tenth of a milliliter, and come in 1mL syringes. Because the standard dose is 0.1mL, a 1 mL syringe contains 10 individual doses. How long a syringe will last, will depend on how many doses your pet will receive from it. For example if your pet needs 0.1mL twice daily, one syringe will last 5 days. Because of the shelf life of the medication, orders are limited to an 80 day supply to ensure the medication can be used before it expires. Example: Your pet’s prescription reads Methimazole 5mg, give 1 tablet twice daily. The corresponding transdermal gel is 5mg/0.1mL, apply 0.1mL twice daily.

Compounded Oral Suspension for Pets

Compounded Oral Suspensions for Pets Available at VetRxDirect

Compounded Oral Suspensions for Pets

Compounded oral suspension comes in a variety of flavors including fish, chicken, and beef to help make them more appealing to your pet. Prednisolone, Methimazole, Cisapride, Metronidazole, Prednisone, Metoclopramide, Mitotane, Fluoxetine, Enalapril Maleate, Atenolol, Amlodipine Besylate, Acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin), Potassium Bromide, Trilostane, Fluconazole, and Tylosin are some of the medications available in a suspension. Oral Suspensions come in a variety of strengths.  For compounded suspensions the strength is also described in milligrams/milliliter, but is concentrated per 1 mL unlike the gels. Bottles of the liquid can come in set quantities like 15mL or 30mL, or be priced per mL. How long a bottle will last depends on how many doses your pet needs. For example: if your pet needs 1.5 mL twice daily, a 90 mL bottle would last 30 days. Because of the shelf life of the medication, orders are limited to an 80 day supply to ensure the medication can be used before it expires

If your pet has a prescription that includes giving  half or quarter tablets, you can also determine the dosage. For example: your pet takes Prednisolone 5mg, ½ tablet twice daily. A 2.5mg/mL suspension you would administer 1 mL of liquid twice a day. A 5mg/mL suspension you would  administer 0.5 mL twice a day. Before switching over to a compounded medication, double check with your pet’s veterinarian about the correct dosage.

Chewin’ the Churpi

You love your dog. That adorable face. Those funny habits. That quirky sensibility that shines through on Instagram photos. But — oh! — that breath. Is there anything that smells worse than dog breath?!

There are several causes of canine bad breath including gastrointestinal and respiratory problems, or a liver or kidney disorder. But the most common cause of canine halitosis is dental or gum disease. Dogs – especially small dogs — are prone to plaque and tartar build-up, which cause gingivitis, periodontal disease, and ultimately tooth loss.

Here are three easy things you can do to improve your dog’s dental health—and his breath. Remember to talk with your veterinarian about what’s right for your pet.

Brush regularly. Daily tooth brushing is the gold standard in canine dental care. Even if you don’t brush daily, cleaning your dog’s teeth several times a week will help.

Get regular check ups. During your dog’s annual physical, your veterinarian will inspect your pet’s teeth and gums. This process catches minor dental issues before they become big problems so don’t skip the check up!

Choose a chew.  Chomping on hard chews and eating crunchy kibble reduces plaque and tartar build-up. But be sure to talk to your veterinarian about the right combination of food and chew for your dog’s nutritional and dental health needs.

Churpi – the New Chew

There’s a new type of chew on the market that’s actually a super hard cheese made from Himalayan yak milk. (Yes, you read that right.) This cheese, called churpidurkha or “churpi,” is a natural chew that’s safe for teeth and ingestion, but hard enough to help control plaque and tartar.

We stock an excellent product called Pet Dental Chew Churpi made from organic churpidurkha.  These chews are low fat, high in protein, and they have low levels of lactose so they won’t irritate most pet’s stomachs. And this cheesy chew won’t splinter, chip, or stain your dog’s teeth.

Yak milk bones sold in D.M. help Nepal farmers

Veterinarian is hoping to help farmers near the Himalaya Mountains while also providing dogs with all-natural chews here in the United States.

Check out this story on


Pet Dental Chew Churpi doesn’t contain chemicals, additives, or preservatives so it works naturally to keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy. Dogs love the smoky cheese taste, too. You can microwave Pet Dental Chew Churpi, which turns it into a soft, puffy treat ideal for older dogs and less aggressive chewers. Choose from six different sizes and formulations of Pet Dental Chew Churpi: Nuggets, Small, Medium, Large, X-large, and puffed nugget treats.

Questions about any of our products? We’re here to help. Please shoot us an email at or leave a comment below.

Happy chewing!


Five Stars for Glyde Mobility Chews for Dogs!

At VetRxDirect, our shelves are stocked with thousands of excellent products and every day we hear from customers about their favorites. Lately, we’ve been hearing a lot about Glyde Mobility Chews for Dogs and sales have gone through the roof.

What’s the buzz about? Green lipped mussels for one thing.

Glyde Mobility Chews contain a natural anti-inflammatory made from New Zealand Green-Glyde Mobility Heart-Shaped ChewsLipped Mussel powder. Those mussels are packed with beneficial nutrients. This revolutionary supplement also contains optimized levels of glucosamine and chondroitin to support normal joint health and function. Glyde Mobility Chews are ideal for dogs suffering from joint pain and stiffness and for those at risk for osteoarthritis due to their age, breed, or disease.

Find out more about Glyde Mobility Chews for Dogs by visiting the manufacturer’s product page.

This soft, easy-to-break nutritional supplement is made with all natural, gluten free ingredients and manufactured under strict standards so you can give it to your pet with confidence.

But don’t take it from me.

Here are a few of the customer reviews we’ve received about Glyde Mobility Chews:

Barbara from Princeton says: “With our vet’s assistance, we had tried everything, prescription and OTC, to make our elderly Lab more comfortable. After 8 weeks of taking Glyde, his arthritic limping gait has completely changed, his formerly fussy and flagging appetite is enormously better, he is alert and eager for activities that he hasn’t engaged in for a couple of years. In short, his quality of life has shown an astonishing improvement and we have discontinued other medications. This product is worth every penny and more.”

Sparky from Phoenix says: “My 2 year old dog was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia. My vet recommended the Glyde chews. She sits and waits patiently for her chew every morning and she is showing no signs of the disorder.”

Laryy from Long Island says: “Was recommended by my vet, I recommend as well. Noticeable improvement in my 13 year old dog. He was having a hard time getting up and moving around… Didn’t cure it but certainly a noticeable improvement.”

Plus, VetRxDirect has some of the lowest prices on the Internet for Glyde Mobility Chews and we stock three sizes: 30, 60 or 120 count chews.

Remember, no matter how great the reviews, before giving a product to your dog, be sure to talk with your pet’s veterinarian.

To your dog’s health!


Does Your Pet’s Immune System Need a Boost?

When injury or illness strikes, the immune system is your pet’s first line of defense. The complex system of biological processes works 24/7 to identify, attack, and kill bacteria, viruses, worms, and other pathogens that can harm the body.

But when the immune system is compromised, so is your pet’s health and his ability to heal. Common immune system stressors in dogs and cats are:

Heredity – Some cat and dog breeds are genetically inclined to having weaker immune systems or are predisposed to having immunodeficiency disorders.

Illness and injury — If your pet has been injured, is suffering from a disease, or is recovering from surgery, his immune system is compromised. Medications he may be taking to manage those conditions, like antibiotics and steroids, can also suppress the immune system.

Life changes — We all know how stressful an illness, moving, having a new baby – or even welcoming a new puppy to the family – can be.  They can take an emotional and physical toll on our pets, too.

Life stage — Working dogs, very active pets, and older pets also have a higher risk of immune system problems.

When your pet’s immune system isn’t working properly it can cause a range if problems from skin rashes and infections to lack of appetite and lethargy which, over time, can lead to lower quality of life and more serious health concerns.

Regular veterinary visits will help catch health problems early on, including those associated with the immune system. If your pet is diagnosed with an immune system disorder, your veterinarian will advise you on how to manage it through diet, exercise, and medication. He or she may recommend a nutritional supplement to help support the immune system as the body heals.

Imuno-2865 for a Healthy Immune System

Imuno-2865 for a Healthy Immune System is now available in 45 Capsules.But nutritional supplements aren’t just for pets with health issues; they’re ideal for helping healthy pets stay that way. Imuno-2865 is an all-natural nutritional supplement specially formulated to help pets maintain healthy immune systems. It’s great for working dogs, older pets, and any dog or cat suffering from disease or injury.

The active ingredients — including grapeseed extract, mushrooms, and rice bran — help maintain the body’s normal inflammatory response, and enhance its anti-microbial and anti-viral defense mechanisms so it’s ready to ward of pathogens.

And Immuno-2865 is made right here in the U.S.A. with all natural, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. The small capsules are specially formulated to be easy to digest. Pop the dosage in your pet’s favorite snack, pill pocket, or Tricky Treats and down the hatch it goes!

To your pet’s health,




Put the Hex – Ultra Hex – on Skin Conditions

Skin problems are one the most common concerns of pet owners. Dogs bite and scratch incessantly causing broken skin and sores. Cats lick their fur until it falls out. It’s tough to watch. For many pets it becomes a vicious cycle; irritated, broken skin is prone to infection that can spread causing even more sores, hot spots, and itching.

Skin issues are challenging to diagnose and control because they’re caused by a variety of factors that have similar symptoms.  The most common causes of skin problems in dogs, cats and horses are:

  • Environmental irritants
  • Parasites
  • Allergy to foods or pollens
  • Bacterial, fungal or yeast infections
  • Nutrition problems
  • Stress

Just reading that list makes my skin itch!  What to do? As always, the first step is to consult your veterinarian. After an examination, and possibly a test or two, your veterinarian will give you some treatment suggestions.  One might be more frequent baths. Recent research has proven the benefits of frequent bathing for some pets with skin problems because baths wash away the bacteria, pollens, and molds that build up in pet fur and get trapped against the skin causing irritation and infection.

If your pet is diagnosed with a bacterial, yeast, or fungal infection your veterinarian may prescribe a medicated shampoo containing Chlorhexidine Gluconate. This is a safe, broad-spectrum antibacterial that helps cleanse the skin and control bacterial, yeast, and fungal skin infections.

Why should you ask your pet’s veterinarian about Ultra Hex:

Lovet UltraHex Shampoo at VetRxDirect.PharmacyUltra Hex, manufactured by Lovet, is an excellent medicated shampoo that contains Chlorhexidine Gluconate 4%. What’s great about Ultra Hex is that it’s soap-free and moisturizing so it’s easy on your pet’s sensitive skin while leaving her fur smooth and silky. While Ultra Hex is therapeutic, it’s also made with Non-Irritating Fragrance Technology™ so your pet will smell like lovely Japanese Cherry Blossom — not that terrible medicated smell you get from other antiseptic shampoos.

VetRxDirect is proud to be an online retailer for Lovet premium brand veterinary products including Ultra Hex shampoo. Lovet manufactures their products in an FDA registered facility and only sells to veterinarians!  Questions? Leave a comment below.

Find UltraHex and other great products for your pet at VetRxDirect.Pharmacy:

Bizrate Platinum Earned by VetRxDirect

Bizrate Circle of Excellence - See VetRxDirect Pet Pharmacy Reviews at

VetRxDirect Earns Bizrate Circle of Excellence Platinum Award
for Outstanding Customer Satisfaction

VetRxDirect Wins Highest Designation from Bizrate in its First Year of Eligibility

VetRxDirect, Inc., an online veterinary pharmacy focusing on supporting the doctor-client-patient relationship, received the 2015 Circle of Excellence Platinum Award from Bizrate Insights, one of the largest sources of consumer-generated reviews of online retailers in the United States. The Awards are given to retailers that received outstanding online customer satisfaction scores in the past year. Scores are collected from millions of verified buyers. VetRxDirect won the award in its first year of eligibility.

“Receiving the 2015 Bizrate Circle of Excellence Platinum Award is a huge honor,” says Wes Hepker, Director of VetRxDirect. “This validates the fact that our pharmacy technicians and support staff really do care about our customers and their pets, and do everything possible to fill orders quickly.” The Platinum Award, the highest level of distinction, goes to retailers that achieved at least a 9 out of 10 score on seven key satisfaction indicators. VetRxDirect received a 9.4 out of 10 for overall satisfaction. Criteria measured for the awards include: overall satisfaction, product selection, on-time delivery, customer support, and ease of finding what you are looking for.

Hepker notes that this is the first year VetRxDirect was eligible to even be judged for the award, so to have received the highest designation is especially important. “We are very proud of the fact that we won the award in our first year of eligibility. And we’re committed to upholding this high standard going forward,” says Hepker.

Only 187 online retailers received the Bizrate Circle of Excellence Award. Of those, 84 received the Platinum Award because they had scores that were significantly higher than the average for the rest of the Network. In 2015, only the top 2.6% of all retailers within the Bizrate Insights North American Retailer Network received the Platinum designation.

Visit for more information about the company.

About VetRxDirect Pet Pharmacy:
VetRxDirect is an online veterinary pharmacy founded by a long-time, trusted Midwestern veterinarian. The Iowa-based company emphasizes the importance of the doctor-client-patient relationship, which is the foundation of the veterinary profession. VetRxDirect is staffed with pharmaceutical and veterinary experts who deliver veterinary medicines and supplies to pet parents in all 50 states. VetRxDirect also offers compounding services to customized medications for dogs and cats.

VetRxDirect 2015 Holiday Schedule

A Hearty Seasons Greetings from VetRxDirectWhile is available 24 hours a day for order placement and to find answers to many of your questions, our pharmacy will have an abbreviated holiday schedule. Please pay particular attention to our holiday hours schedule if you rely on VetRxDirect Pet Pharmacy for insulin or other temperature sensitive products.

VetRxDirect’s 2015 holiday customer service hours are as follows (all times CST):

  • Wednesday, December 23: 9:00am – 5:00pm
  • Thursday, December 24: 9:00am – 1:00pm
  • Friday, December 25: Closed
  • Saturday, December 26: 9:00am – 12:00pm
  • Wednesday, December 30: 9:00am – 5:00pm
  • Thursday, December 31: 9:00am – 1:00pm
  • Friday, January 1: Closed
  • Saturday, January 2: 9:00am – 12:00pm
  • Monday, January 4: Resume normal customer service hours.

VetRxDirect’s 2015 holiday shipping schedule is as follows:

  • Wednesday, December 23: Last Day to ship temperature sensitive orders this week.*
  • Thursday, December 24: No temperature sensitive orders shipped.
  • Friday, December 25: Closed
  • Wednesday, December 30: Last Day to ship temperature sensitive orders this week.*
  • Thursday, December 31: No temperature sensitive orders shipped.
  • Friday, January 1: Closed
  • Monday, January 4: Resume normal shipping policies.

Please feel free to leave messages or send us an email at anytime. We’ll return your call or send email replies during our next business hours after your message.

We wish you, your family and your pets a warm and happy holiday season,

Your friends at VetRxDirect Pet Pharmacy

*Prescription orders, including temperature sensitive drugs, can only ship after approval from your pet’s veterinarian. Prescription authorization must be obtained before 3PM CST to be shipped.

Help Your Pet Maintain a Healthy Weight

Dog with Hippo Statue

Courtesy of Bill Hails/Flickr

Some studies show that more than 50% of cats and dogs in America are overweight or obese. That doesn’t bode well for Fido and Fluffy because excess weight causes a host of health conditions including:

  • joint pain
  • heart disease
  • diabetes, especially in overweight dogs
  • decreased liver function

Unfortunately, many people don’t even recognize that their pet is too large. To check if your pet could stand to loose a few pounds:

  • Place your hands on your pet’s side applying only slight pressure. You should be able to feel the ribs. If you can’t feel the ribs at all, your pet is likely too heavy.
  • Stand above your pet and look at the body shape. You should see a clear “waist” behind the ribs. If that area is wider than the ribs or hips, your pet is overweight.

If you’re concerned about your pet’s weight visit your veterinarian. She can assess your dog or cat’s condition and advise you on steps you to take if your pet is too heavy. Be sure to discuss any symptoms your pet may be exhibiting due to his weight, how often you feed, what kind of food you give your pet, and how much exercise your pet gets.

Your veterinarian will suggest a regimen to get your pet back in shape. It’s likely to be pretty simple: more exercise, less food (especially treats and scraps from the table), and possibly some medication to address a disease or illness.

Ask your veterinarian if a nutritional supplement would be helpful, too. Nutritional supplements provide important vitamins, minerals, and other active agents that support overall health especially under certain conditions such as illness or during dietary adjustments.

Animal Necessity, the maker of the popular Ocu-Glo products, makes a series of nutritional supplements including Weight Guard Vet. These small capsules are packed with active ingredients — including extracts of green tea, white kidney beans, and cinnamon — that are specially formulated to keep pets at their ideal weight. Weight Guard Vet helps:

  • support healthy weight control in dogs and cats
  • promote normal blood sugar levels
  • protect against oxidative stress caused by free radicals that can do damage to the body

On that note, think I’ll take my dog for a walk!

Explore products available now at VetRxDirect:


Does Your Senior Pet Need a Supplement?

Heathly Aging Pet Supplement

Courtesy of jenny downing/Flickr

“Ahhh, my aching knees!” “My poor back!” “I can’t remember where I left my bone!” If your aging dog or cat could talk, he’d sound like a lot of older folks who suffer from age-related aches, pains, and dementia.

Of course, getting older is a fact of life for people and pets. While no one has found the fountain of youth, there are ways to make your pet more comfortable as she ages.

Adjust activity levels – Aging dogs and cats still need exercise, but for dogs especially, lengthy walks and rambunctious play at the dog park is often more than senior dogs can handle.  Consider taking a few shorter walks and throwing the ball for your dog in the backyard instead.

Visit your vet more regularly – Many veterinarians like to see older dogs and cats every six months instead of annually. This helps them keep on top of current health issues and spot new problems early on.

Focus on feeding – Appetites and nutritional needs change as pets age. Some pets need less food, others may need more, and many just need a different formula. Talk to your veterinarian about switching to a high quality geriatric dog or cat food. Also ask about how much you should feed your pet and how often.

Give your dog a boost – Getting into the car, jumping up on the couch, and going down the stairs are hard for pets with arthritis and aging joints. If your pet has trouble getting around your house, look in to ramps, stairs, and other devices to make favorite places more accessible.

Add a supplement – Nutritional supplements can help ease age-related problems including aching joints, deteriorating eyesight, and cognitive problems. Ask your veterinarian if your pet could benefit from a supplement.

The makers of the popular Ocu-Glo products for improved eyesight offer a full line of  all-natural nutritional supplements. Among many others, we stock Healthy Aging Vet, specially formulated for geriatric dogs and cats.

Healthy Aging Vet enhances brain function, may relieve inflammation due to exercise, supports eye health, and helps maintain a normal emotional balance in older cats and dogs.  The natural active ingredients in Healthy Aging Vet are bilberry, Korean Ginseng, and Gingko Biloba.

What makes this line of nutritional supplements so popular is that they’re made in the U.S.A. with all natural, pharmaceutical grade ingredients so you can have confidence giving them to your pet.  The small capsules are easy to dose, too – just pop them in a pill pocket or peanut butter and down the hatch they go.

To your senior pet’s health!


Bug Soother is Safe for Pets

Ready for a Gnat Free Summer? Use Bug Soother.

Bugs can ruin the best things about summer — pestering you at picnics, biting at baseball games, swarming while you’re swimming. There are days when the mosquitoes, gnats, and “no-see-ums” are enough to make you want to stay inside.

It’s not just us humans who can’t stand these bugs. They pester pets, too. And when it comes to mosquitoes, they’re not just annoying; they’re dangerous. Mosquitoes carry West Nile Virus and heartworm, both of which can be deadly in dogs and cats. The more you can do to keep mosquitoes from biting your pets, the better.

To spare your pets – and your summer fun — from bugs this summer, I’ll let you in on a little secret that outdoorsy-types here in Iowa swear by: Bug Soother. Bug Soother is a truly effective bug repellent that is safe for pets and kids because it’s made from all-natural ingredients.

Bug Soother Gnat Repellent for You and Pets

Safely Protects You, Children and Pets

The active ingredients in Bug Soother are lemongrass, lemon, and vanilla essential oils. That’s it. No harsh chemicals. No DEET. Turns out that the lemon and vanilla smells in Bug Soother mask the scents that attract bugs so they’ll look elsewhere for food. And that’s good news for you and your furry friends.

Bug Soother doesn’t leave behind greasy residue either. It smells good, goes on smooth, and leaves the skin feeling silky, not oily.  Just spray Bug Soother on your exposed skin or give your pet a good once-over and send them on their way.

Bug Soother was originally developed to ward off gnats, but it’s highly effective against mosquitoes and other annoying insects, too. No wonder Bug Soother has become a cult favorite with hunters, fishermen, golfers, and hikers who’ve tried all kinds of bug repellants. Folks swear by this stuff. Bug Soother has become so popular that people buy it by the case!

We’re proud to stock Bug Soother not just because it’s an excellent product that really works, but also because it’s proudly made in the U.S.A. by Simply Soothing, a small, family-owned company in Columbus Junction, Iowa. When the Simply Soothing folks were researching alternatives to DEET-based bug repellants, they focused on natural ingredients and struck upon this magical formula. The rest is history – and so are the bugs this summer if you use Bug Soother!

Here’s to a bug free summer,