11 thoughts on “A Word About Pancreatic Enzyme Supplements

  1. The Pancre Plus has helped our German Shepard tremendously! It will be a life time medicine for her! So happy with Vet Rx…..they have saved us money and our Heidi’s life!

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  3. I see the article regarding enzyme replacements were specific to dogs. I have a 14 year old cat that is just recovering from pancreatitis but I want to do want I can for him. Can you point me in the right direction for cats? Any advice you can offer I would truly be grateful for. Thank you!

    • I’m also seeking help for my cat who has pancreatitis.

      My vet says enzymes are not for this and pancreatitis is different, real confusing. What I’m reading though is benefits in digestive enzymes and change of food. I’ve always fed Welness wet canned turkey.

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  5. I have not done the math to compare your price for Panakare tablets to what I paid for them today at the vets office. I got 30 tablets for $15.00, so 50 cents each. Whenever I hope to get meds from an outside source, my vet charges $20.00 to approve the script, making it not worth trying to save money.

    If my dog takes two 450mg tablets a day, how much powder does that mean she would need?

  6. My cat has EPI and will not eat his food with Panzquin in it. Looking for samples of other brands or smaller portions. Any suggestions? Thanks

    • Melody, have you found an alternative or way to coax your kitty to eat. Our Julian has been on the panzquin for nearly a year. He spreads his food all over the place trying not to smell the enzymes. We have put flavorings, cream and cat sure in with the food to try to help. Cream seems to work slightly better but then 5e uneaten food goes bad after a few hours. The good thing is that he is still here but always on the edge of starvation

  7. Our Corgi, Yoda, has been on pancreatic enzymes – powder form only – from the time he was diagnosed with EPI in 2010. At that time we were seeing a small town vet whom we preferred and our furry family members were patients of for years. This vet’s office had never seen a Corgi with EPI and Yoda’s diagnosis came as a surprise to everyone. We have found that with his pancreatic enzyme medication and a low fat content dog food his EPI has been relatively easy to manage. A Corgi with EPI living a healthy, active lifestyle at the ripe old age of 10 isn’t super common but that’s who we’ve got in our family and we feel so fortunate.

    The brand of powder we prefer is VetOne PancrePlus.

    I hope all of the furry family members out there receive the help and medication they need to stay healthy and happy.

  8. I started my dog on the pills but my vet recommended the powder. Now after five or so years on the powder she’s getting small but persistent sores on the bottom outside of her mouth. Vet recommends swabbing each side of her mouth with water after she eats. I also put a little anabiotic on it. I am at a loss for wwhat I can do since she must have the enzymes. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I do soak the food to room temperature but I’ve also read that this is not proven to be necessary.

  9. 8 yr old Irish Setter has EPI. Presented with pancreatitis with subsequent symptoms and diagnosis of EPI. She is currently on 200mg pentoxifylline 2xday.
    Started with Pancrezyme, then Epizyme. Always powder and always 1tsp per feeding. Soak kibble first then add boiled/drained ground turkey and brown rice to Hills digestive care low fat. Dr gave sample of PancrePlus. Noticed reduced digestive issues immediately. Issues were gas and bloating. Had been treating with 1/8 cup nonfat plain Greek yogurt 3-4 x week. All went away with PancrePlus powder.

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