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Saturday, March 28th Update:
VetRxDirect has increased our operational hours and staff and is meeting demand.
Protocols are in place to make sure your pets’ medications are shipped safely and quickly.
What can we do to help you and your pet during this trying time? Please send us a text or leave us a chat messages.

Top Sellers for Dog Medications Urinary Tract / Kidney

Allopurinol Tablets for Veterinary Use in Pets

Rx Allopurinol

$0.90 $0.30
Save $0.60!

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Amitriptyline behavioral adjustment tablets for pets

Rx Amitriptyline

$0.38 $0.20
Save $0.18!


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Bethanechol Tablets is used to stimulate muscular contractions in the bladder in Dogs and Cats.

Rx Bethanechol Chloride

$0.61 $0.40
Save $0.21!


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Calcitriol Capsules for chronic renal disease, also known as chronic kidney disease, in dog and cats.

Rx Calcitriol

$1.06 $0.89
Save $0.17!


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All Products for Dog Medications Urinary Tract / Kidney

CitraVet (potassium citrate) for Dogs and Cats

Rx CitraVet (potassium citrate)

$33.50 $20.36
Save $13.14!

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DL-Methionine Urine Acidifier for Dogs and Cats


$8.59 $5.89
Save $2.70!

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Epakitin for Cats and Dogs Powder for Kidneys


$34.63 $24.74
Save $9.89!

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FUS-SOL Oral Urinary Acidifier for Dogs and Cats


$15.66 $10.65
Save $5.01!

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Incurin (estriol) Tablets for urinary incontinence in dogs

Rx Incurin (estriol)

$23.79 $19.04
Save $4.75!

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I.V. Venoset for at home fluid therapy for cats


$10.54 $8.79
Save $1.75!

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K-CIT-V Chewable Tablets for Dogs


$32.97 $18.75
Save $14.22!

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Lactated Ringers Fluids for Cats and Dogs

Rx Lactated Ringers Solution

$14.16 $10.99
Save $3.17!

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Methigel for Cats and Dogs Methionine Urine acidifier

Methigel Methionine Supplement

$12.83 $9.17
Save $3.66!

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Methio-Form (dl-methionine) Chewable Tablets for Pets

Rx Methio-Form

$13.36 $10.69
Save $2.67!

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Normosol R Solution (Plasma-Lyte A) Renal Support for Pets

Rx Normosol R

$17.71 $12.12
Save $5.59!

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RenaKare (potassium gluconate)

Rx RenaKare (potassium gluconate)

$22.76 $17.51
Save $5.25!

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RenaPlus Potassium Gluconate for Pets

Rx RenaPlus

$16.36 $12.99
Save $3.37!

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Sodium Chloride 0.9% Solution

Rx Sodium Chloride 0.9% Solution

$16.34 $13.27
Save $3.07!

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Tumil-K (potassium gluconate) tablets and gel for pets

Tumil-K (potassium gluconate)

$41.80 $30.91
Save $10.89!

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Urocit-K (potassium citrate) for pets

Rx Urocit-K Extended Release

$295.72 $236.99
Save $58.73!

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VetOne Potassium Citrate for Dogs and Cats

VetOne Potassium Citrate

$36.14 $24.58
Save $11.56!

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