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Top Sellers for Dog Medications Urinary Tract / Kidney

Lactated Ringers Fluids for Cats and Dogs

Rx Lactated Ringers Solution

$14.16 $10.99
Save $3.17!


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I.V. Venoset for at home fluid therapy for cats

Rx IV Venoset

$11.87 $8.79
Save $3.08!


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DL-Methionine Urine Acidifier for Dogs and Cats


$8.59 $5.89
Save $2.70!


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RenaKare (potassium gluconate)

Rx RenaKare (potassium gluconate)

$27.49 $19.95
Save $7.54!


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All Products for Dog Medications Urinary Tract / Kidney

RenaPlus Potassium Gluconate for Pets

Rx RenaPlus

$16.36 $12.99
Save $3.37!

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CitraVet (potassium citrate) for Dogs and Cats

Rx CitraVet (potassium citrate)

$33.50 $20.36
Save $13.14!

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K-CIT-V Chewable Tablets for Dogs


$32.97 $20.53
Save $12.44!

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Tumil-K (potassium gluconate) tablets and gel for pets

Tumil-K (potassium gluconate)

$27.74 $20.29
Save $7.45!

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FUS-SOL Oral Urinary Acidifier for Dogs and Cats


$14.83 $9.39
Save $5.44!

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Incurin (estriol) Tablets for urinary incontinence in dogs

Rx Incurin (estriol)

$31.36 $16.90
Save $14.46!

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Epakitin for Cats and Dogs Powder for Kidneys


$34.63 $23.56
Save $11.07!

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Amitriptyline behavioral adjustment tablets for pets

Rx Amitriptyline

$0.38 $0.20
Save $0.18!

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Calcitriol Capsules for chronic renal disease, also known as chronic kidney disease, in dog and cats.

Rx Calcitriol

$1.24 $0.99
Save $0.25!

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Normosol R Solution (Plasma-Lyte A) Renal Support for Pets

Rx Normosol R

$17.71 $13.62
Save $4.09!

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VetOne Potassium Citrate for Dogs and Cats

VetOne Potassium Citrate

$36.14 $24.58
Save $11.56!

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Allopurinol Tablets for Veterinary Use in Pets

Rx Allopurinol

$0.90 $0.30
Save $0.60!

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Bethanechol Tablets is used to stimulate muscular contractions in the bladder in Dogs and Cats.

Rx Bethanechol Chloride

$0.61 $0.40
Save $0.21!

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Methio-Form (dl-methionine) Chewable Tablets for Pets

Rx Methio-Form

$13.36 $10.69
Save $2.67!

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Sodium Chloride 0.9% Solution

Rx Sodium Chloride 0.9% Solution

$17.71 $13.62
Save $4.09!

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Urocit-K (potassium citrate) for pets

Rx Urocit-K Extended Release

$295.72 $236.99
Save $58.73!

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