CitraVet (potassium citrate) Rx
675mg, 60 Chewable Tablets

CitraVet (potassium citrate) Rx

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What are CitraVet Tablets for Dogs and Cats?

  • Bladder stones are common in dogs and cats that have recurrent urinary tract infections. CitraVet is a prescription medication that helps reduce the formation of bladder stones and support a healthy urinary system.

Why do cats and dogs use CitraVet?

  • When the pH in your pet’s urine becomes imbalanced, it can cause crystals to form which leads to bladder stones. 
  • Diet issues, dehydration, and even certain breed types can increase the chances your dog or cat may suffer from this painful condition.
  • CitraVet contains Potassium Citrate, which is proven to increase the pH in urine and help reduce the formation of painful bladder stones.
  • Given as directed, prescription CitraVet can also help support a healthy urinary tract over time.

What else should I know about CitraVet?

  • Reduces formation of bladder stones.
  • Supports overall urinary health in cats and dogs.
  • Tasty liver flavored chewable tablets.

What problems could my dog or cat have with CitraVet?

  • Your veterinarian will need to monitor your dog or cat regularly while they are taking CitraVet. Make sure not to miss follow-up appointments.

How do you use CitraVet?

  • CitraVet may be given with food or mixed into food.

What is in CitraVet?

  • The active ingredient in CitraVet is the drug Potassium Citrate, which makes the urine more alkaline.

Will I get what I see in the picture?

  • CitraVet is a brand name. You will receive the exact brand that you request.

Is it important for my dog or cat to finish all of the CitraVet?

  • Dogs and cats may use CitraVet for different lengths of time. Please consult your veterinarian if you have any questions.