MYOS Canine and Feline Muscle Formulas support optimal muscle health and may reduce muscle atrophy and weakness in dogs and cats of all sizes. Beneficial for both aging and active pets, MYOS Muscle Formulas encourage better mobility, endurance, and quality of life. MYOS products are based on Fortetropin®, which is a proprietary, all-natural ingredient derived from fertilized chicken egg yolk. Fortetropin also contains natural amino acids, vitamins, and minerals from fertilized yolk that support overall health for dogs. MYOS Canine Muscle & Joint Formulas provide additional ingredients for enhanced joint and cartilage support. 

MYOS Vet Strength Formulas are proven to help build muscle and prevent muscle loss for improved recovery and feature additional ingredients for added muscle support. MYOS backs its products with science through clinical studies performed on its ingredients and adheres to Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) practices for consistent quality and safety of its products. Made originally to improve muscle growth and development in humans, MYOS Muscle Formulas are considered the first of their kind for dogs and cats.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The MYOS formulas are primarily focused on supporting muscle health and reducing muscle atrophy and weakness. MYOS Muscle Formulas encourage mobility and endurance. MYOS Muscle & Joint Formula contains added ingredients to help support joint health. The clinical studies performed by MYOS products have focused primarily on muscle health, but other studies have shown that better muscle health can lead to improvements in joints and mobility.

Both products contain Fortetropin powder, a patented formula derived from fertilized chicken egg yolk. The MYOS Canine Muscle Formula only contains Fortetropin powder. Myos Vet Strength Muscle Formula contains additional branched-chain amino acids (BCCA’s) for added muscle support. These include L-leucine, L-Isoleucine, and L-valine. Myos Vet Strength Formulas require a prescription.

MYOS Canine Muscle Formula supports optimal muscle health and strength in dogs with the power of Fortetropin. MYOS Muscle & Mobilty Chews contain different ingredients to support muscle strength, skin and coat vitality, as well as tendon, cartilage, and joint health. These include Collagen, Glucosamine, Amino Acids, Turmeric, and Blueberry Extract.

MYOS makes muscle supplements for companion animals, including dogs and cats.

Foretropin is an all natural product sourced from fertilized chicken egg yolk that helps support better muscle health and improved mobility and vitality. Fortetropin is considered a natural myostatin-reducing agent. Fortetropin is a proprietary advanced nutrition product developed and owned by MYOS.

MYOS Muscle Formulas support muscle health and encourage better mobility, endurance, and quality of life.

MYOS Muscle Formulas should be stored in a cool dry place after opening.  To maintain its texture, the manufacturer recommends refrigeration. However, it is shelf-stable and will be fine if it is left out at room temperature.

MYOS is a food-based nutritional supplement. It is recommended that you consult your veterinarian before administering new products and follow their directions for use, especially if your pet is currently taking other supplements or medications.

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