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4.9 stars out of 5! That’s how pet parents rate the AeroKat in the product review section of our site.  We’re hearing terms like “highly recommended” and  “wonderful invention” about this veterinarian recommended therapeutic device that makes it easy to give inhaled medication to treat bronchitis and asthma in cats.

Can the AeroKat Help Cats with Asthma?

The following video shows footage of a cat having an asthma attack. The video is intended to help you identify some cat asthma symptoms. Any abnormal behavior should be discussed with your pet’s veterinarian.

If your pet is suffering from asthma or bronchitis, ask your veterinarian about the the symptoms right away. There are great products available to help. Haven’t heard about the AeroKat or its canine companion, the AeroDawg? Check them out: AeroKat or AeroDawg. Have you tried the AeroDawg or AeroKat? Share your story in our Reviews section on the product pages or by leaving a reply below. Other pet parents would love to hear from you.

We’re thrilled the AeroKat is so useful for these scary conditions. And we’re honored to be one of the few retailers approved by the manufacturer, Trudell Medical International, to sell these fantastic products.

Until very recently a major Internet retailer was selling the AeroKat even though it wasn’t credentialed to do so.  That’s a real “buyer beware” situation. When it comes to purchasing medication and medical supplies for your pet, there’s absolutely no substitute for quality and professionalism. You should always purchase these supplies directly from your pet’s veterinarian or from a licensed, reputable pharmacy that is approved to sell them.  Anything less and you could be putting your pet’s health in jeopardy.

Here at VetRxDirect we’ve earned the trust of veterinarians and manufacturers and work together to provide top quality pet medicines and devices from reputable distributors to our customers.

  • We were the first online veterinary pharmacy to earn the Veterinary-Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (Vet-VIPPS) accreditation
  • We honor the veterinarian-client-patient relationship
  • We guarantee our products
  • Our compounding facility is PCAB accredited
  • We are a Google Trusted Store

Thanks for your trust and your business.


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AeroKat is designed for use with prescription inhalers to ease the symptoms of cats suffering from feline asthma, bronchitis, allergies and other respiratory afflictions. Aerokat’s proven design combines a special chamber device and contoured mask, which work together, to deliver prescription medication directly to your cat’s lungs. The contoured mask fits comfortably over your cat’s mouth and nose area. Aerokat also comes with a convenient Flow-Vu indicator feedback tool that moves with each breath your cat takes so you can properly maintain assurance of correct use and easily monitor medication doses.

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The perfect solution for inhaled medication administration for cats. Designed especially for cats suffering from feline asthma, bronchitis and allergies.

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