Types of Flea and Tick Treatments Explained

We know that keeping fleas and ticks away from your pets and out of your home is your priority. There are many different options available to help keep these pests away, and it may be tricky to determine which product does what. Your veterinarian can also help you determine exactly which product will best suit your dog or cat. We’ve put together a list of the different types of flea and tick preventatives and how they work.

Bravecto at VetRxDirectTopical Medications

These liquid medications come in a tube applicator and are applied to your dog or cat’s skin. Topicals or “Spot Ons” are usually placed by parting the hair at the base of the neck or between the shoulder blades. Depending on the product, the topical medications work 2 ways. Some absorb through the skin into the bloodstream and kill the pest once they bite. Others spread across the body with the natural skin oils and kill or repel the pest on contact. For dogs or cats that are difficult to give oral medications, topical pest treatments are preferred by owners.


Comfortis at VetRxDirectOral Medications

These medications come in a soft chew or chewable tablet that your dog or cat can eat like a treat. Once given, the medication circulates in the bloodstream, and when a flea or tick bites your dog, it’s exposed to the pesticide and dies. Oral medications may be preferred over topicals for animals who easily take pills. Owners may come in contact with the liquid while applying it or touching their animal.



CM2 Flea and tick shampoo at VetRxDirectShampoos and Dips

Flea and tick shampoos obviously help clean your dog and cat but more importantly help wash away and kill the nasty pests quickly on contact. Shampoos need to sit for a short period of time before rinsing to allow them to work. Some shampoos stay effective for days after a bath but are ideal for short-term treatment only. Dips are used similarly but are left to dry without rinsing, and are very concentrated.



Seresto Collar at VetRxDirectCollars

Flea and tick collars are worn around your dog or cat’s neck and come in adjustable sizes. The collars work against pests by releasing their ingredients over the animal’s skin. Depending on the brand, collars can provide 5-12 months of protection before needing to be replaced. Owners may prefer collars as a “hands-off” approach over administering topical or oral medications.


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Blue Natural Veterinary Diets For Dogs and Cats

What is a therapeutic diet?

Have you ever heard the saying “You are what you eat?”. Nutrition is an important part of your health and wellbeing, this includes for your dog and cat as well. Having a balanced diet helps support vital functions in the body, support growth, and encourage longevity. Nutrition also plays a significant role in helping the body manage illness and health conditions. Certain types of diets may be used to help control or manage problems associated with a disease. These therapeutic diets may also be used in long-term treatment plans accompanied by medications or other treatments.  Veterinarians may choose a therapeutic diet for your dog or cat to help manage a condition or disease they have been diagnosed with. Some of these may include food allergies, kidney disease, urinary stones, gastrointestinal disorders, or diabetes.  Discuss your dog or cat’s specific needs with your vet to see if a therapeutic diet is right. Therapeutic diets require a prescription because it is important for your vet to monitor your pet’s condition. Feeding a therapeutic diet for a dog or cat who does not need it may lead to problems.

Blue Natural Veterinary Diets

Blue Natural Veterinary Diets at VetRxDirect

Blue Natural Veterinary Diets are prescription, therapeutic diets that contain certain types of nutrients and specially balanced levels of ingredients. Each diet contains complete nutrition for dogs and cats with additional to omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and nutrients. Blue Natural Veterinary Diets are made “cold-formed” to help maintain the potency of their ingredients and minimize heat exposure, and are made using:

  • No corn, wheat, or soy
  • No chicken or poultry by-product meals
  • No artificial preservatives, colors or flavors

VetRxDirect now offers Blue Natural Veterinary foods for your dog and cat. Talk to your veterinarian about whether a therapeutic diet is right for your pet.


Gastrointestinal Support

Designed for dogs and cats with gastrointestinal or pancreatic conditions, Blue Natural GI is formulated with ingredients that are easily digested and absorbed. It also includes prebiotic fibers to help reduce diarrhea and encourage healthy microflora in the GI tract. Available in wet or dry formulas for dogs and cats.



Weight Management + Urinary Care

This diet contains reduced levels of fat and calories to help prevent weight gain and encourage weight loss. Dietary fiber keeps dogs and cats feeling satisfied. Blue Natural WU uses controlled levels of magnesium and sodium to help balance urine pH and limit the formation of calcium oxalate stones. Available in wet or dry formulas for dogs and cats.



Hydrolyzed For Food Intolerance

For dogs and cats with food intolerance, allergies, and special dietary needs. Made with hydrolyzed salmon, a novel protein, and easily digestible ingredients. Blue Natural HF uses hydrolyzed, low molecular weight protein to help reduce the chance of immune reactions. Available in dry food for dogs and cats.



Kidney + Mobility Support

Designed for dogs and cats with kidney disease and renal conditions. It contains controlled levels of protein, phosphorus, and sodium to help manage kidney workload.  Blue Natural KS helps balance urine pH and limit the formation of calcium oxalate stones. Blue Natural KM supports mobility for cats with joint disease. Available in wet or dry food formulas for dogs and cats


Aerosol Chambers For Dogs, Cats, and Horses

What is an Aerosol Chamber?

Inhalers are commonly prescribed for dogs, cats, and horses to treat multiple different respiratory conditions. Some of the most common include asthma, bronchitis, and allergic rhinitis. Just like humans, animals can use an inhaler (puffer) with the help of an aerosol chamber device. The AeroKat*, AeroDawg*, and AeroHippus* are specially designed aerosol chambers for cats, dogs, and horses. The chamber holds the inhaler medication until the animal has time to inhale, ensuring the dose is delivered.

How Do They Work?

The aerosol chamber attaches to a puffer inhaler on the bottom end and a mask to the top end, which goes over your pet’s face. This allows your pet to breathe normally and inhale the aerosol medication into their lungs.

Each aerosol chamber has a Flow-Vu Indicator which moves when the animal inhales and exhales. This allows you to easily visualize and count their breaths, so you can make sure their medication is delivered accurately. The chamber also has a low resistance valve which releases the medication once the animal inhales.

The dog and the cat masks should fit snugly and securely over the mouth and nose to ensure the right seal. The horse mask fits over one nostril. Designed for comfort, the masks are soft and non-stick so they do not pull on hair.

Wondering how to use them? Watch these helpful videos which give step-by-step instructions for the AeroKat, AeroDawg, and AeroHippus.

What Type of Medication Can Be Used?

The AeroKat, AeroDawg, and AeroHippus chambers can be used with all types of metered dose inhalers (MDI) or “puffer” aerosol type inhalers. It is not compatible with dry powder inhalers (DPI) or Diskus type inhalers

Cleaning and Replacement

Each type of aerosol chamber disassembles for easy cleaning. Both the chamber and masks should be cleaned weekly for hygiene and to help prevent buildup. With daily use, medication can deposit on the valves creating a whitish film. This build-up could lead to reduced performance over time. To help ensure optimal drug delivery the manufacturer recommends the chambers be replaced every 12 months. Cleaning instructions included with the package may be found on the product page on the VetRxDirect website, and on the manufacturer’s website.

AeroDawg Canine Aerosol Chamber and Masks

AeroDawg at VetRxDirect

Accommodates all types and breeds of dogs. Small AeroDawg is designed for dogs 20 lbs or less and includes a small & medium mask. Large AeroDawg is designed for dogs over 20 lbs and includes a medium & large mask. Replacement masks and medication are sold separately.




AeroKat  Feline Aerosol Chamber and Masks

AeroKat at VetRxDirect

The AeroKat accommodates all sizes and breeds of cats. It includes a small and medium mask. Small mask measures approximately 1.5″ in diameter, medium mask 2″ in diameter. Replacement masks and medication are sold separately.



AeroHippus Equine Aerosol Chamber

AeroHippus at VetRxDirect

The AeroHippus is designed to fit all breeds and sizes of horses, from foals to drafts, and It includes a universal fit mask. Like the canine and feline chambers, AeroHippus is compatible will metered dose (puffer) inhalers and features a flow-vu indicator.




Do you use an aerosol chamber for your pet’s inhaler? Leave us a comment below!