VetBiotek Products Bust Biofilms For Dogs and Cats

There’s a buzz in the air about bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics and these things called biofilms… So what is this all about? A biofilm is a collection of organic and inorganic, living and dead materials collected on a surface. Biofilms can be made of bacteria, yeast, and fungi, which stick themselves together with a slimy substance. Biofilms can be found wherever bacteria like to hang out like pet bowls, sinks, bathrooms, kitchens, etc. The slime-like substance of a biofilm also acts as a barrier to protect the bacteria allowing them to grow, reproduce, and thrive on whatever surface they have taken up residence. Learn more about biofilms.

Veterinarians have been on the lookout for these because they are making infections more difficult to get rid of, especially on the skin and ears. The biofilm protects the bacteria or fungus and does not allow antibiotics or medications to get in. The film must be broken in order for the antibiotics to get in do their job.

VetBiotek & MicroSilver

The VetBiotek line helps bust biofilms and offers a variety of topical shampoos, waterless mousse, sprays, wipes, and ear solutions. They are designed to help with antiseptic cleansing and aid in the treatment of skin and ear infections, seborrhea, allergies, and other skin conditions. VetBiotek uses a key ingredient called Microsilver BG, a pure microscopic metallic silver that acts as a natural antimicrobial. It works to break the biofilm coating, exposing the bacteria, causing them to break down and die.The Microsilver keeps working overtime to prevent bacteria from infecting the area again.

VetBioTek BioCalm at VetRxDirect


BioCalm Shampoo, Spray, and Mousse

Helps relieve skin irritation and itching
Gently cleanses and soothes
Includes essential fatty acids and ceramides
Waterless mousse is easy and mess free
Spray target areas like hot spots and foot pads


BioHex Available at VetRxDirectBiohex Shampoo and Wipes

Chlorhexidine & miconazole fight bacteria, yeast, fungi
Soap-free shampoo cleans and deodorizes
Convenient wipes for face, feet, and skin folds
Supports the natural skin barrier with Ceramide III
Works to reduce biofilms


HexaDerm Max at VetRxDirect

Hexaderm Max Shampoo

Chlorhexidine fights against bacteria, yeast, and fungi
Deep cleansing and deodorizing
Soap-free formula
Supports the natural skin barrier



VetBioTek VetOtic at VetRxDirect

VetOtic Ear Cleanser

Gently cleanses and loosens dirt and debris
Supports the natural skin barrier
Deodorizes and keeps ears dry
Promotes healthy ear environment


The VetBiotek dermatology products are best when used under the supervision of your veterinarian, and it is always best to ask them before using a new product with your pet. Ask your vet today!

Dot-Pharmacy Ensures Safe Online Medications For Pets

VetRxDirect has continually held the Veterinary-Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites™ (Vet-VIPPS) seal, a rigorous accreditation program through the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy® (NABP®). The Vet-Vipps seal ensured animal owners they were buying safe medications and medical devices from a licensed, regulated pharmacy. Due to the increase of online fraudulent and criminal activity, the pharmacy websites could display fake certification logos and were selling counterfeit, unapproved, and potentially dangerous medications to consumers. As a continued effort to protect consumers and their pets, the Vet-Vipps program was merged and replaced by the NABP .pharmacy verified websites program. We encourage you to learn more about the Vet-VIPPS merge by visiting the NABP website.

What is .pharmacy?

.pharmacy is a program that verifies safe and legitimate pharmacy websites. It also develops a set of strict standards and policies with NAPB and the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) to ensure online sites are legal and appropriately regulated. The goal is to protect people and animals from potentially dangerous medications and to give you a peace of mind when buying online:

How Do I Know An Online Pharmacy Is Safe?

Protect yourself and your pet by looking for .pharmacy in the website address/URL or by checking the .pharmacy website registry to make sure that your pet’s online pharmacy is accredited by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP). Simple as that!

Dedicated to Safety

By registering with the .pharmacy program, VetRxDirect proudly demonstrates to our clients the continued commitment to high-quality pharmacy practices and excellence in pharmaceutical care for your pets. VetRxDirect is also an accredited compounding pharmacy.

Get Your Pets Ready For An Emergency

When we see disasters strike other parts of the country, it’s hard not to think that we are fortunate or “got lucky” not being in the areas affected. As pet owners and animal lovers, we may even find ourselves thinking or saying “I could not imagine anything like that happening”. While the thought of being affected by a disaster is an uncomfortable topic, you can feel more at ease knowing that you and your animals are prepared for an emergency situation to happen. Because the next time, it may not be as fortunate.

Prepare & Plan For The Unexpected

Disasters do not happen every day, and thanks to a lot of technology we are starting to get better at predicting events and having more notice ahead of time. Wildfires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes can still happen with little to no warning. It is important to know in advance what can affect your area. Have plans made in advance especially if you need to evacuate or leave your area. Talk with your veterinarian ahead of time, locate kennels or local animal shelter for boarding, ask out of town friends and family for help. Contact the local animal control officer or emergency offices for specific information and advice for your area. 

Make An Emergency Kit

Just like you have emergency supplies for yourself or your family, it is important to have all of your pet’s basics for survival located in one place. FEMA recommends putting together an emergency supply kit with the help of your veterinarian with the following items

  • Food & Water Have at least 3 days’ supply in sealed containers
  • Medications Keep an extra supply of your pet’s medications in a waterproof container. Make sure they are within the printed expiration date. Pay special attention to the storage requirements printed on the label, some medications can tolerate temperature excursions while others can be damaged
  • First Aid Kit Put together items with your vet including bandaging, tape, scissors, alcohol, saline solution, gloves, flea and tick medication and antibiotic wound ointment or dressings.
  • Important Documents Have vaccination and medical records, microchip and identification information, veterinary contact information, and a picture of you and your pet together in case you become separated
  • Collar or Harness, ID and Rabies Tags, and Leash
  • Travel Supplies Have a safe crate or carrier, spare harnesses or leashes, and  sanitation supplies for taking care of your pet’s waste
  • Familiar Items Have some favorite toys, treats, or bedding to reduce stress for your pet. 

For more information and resources about emergency animal preparedness and supply kits, please visit the official FEMA Ready website.

Looking for first aid options? VetRxDirect offers a variety of products for dogs and cats.


Seasonal Allergy Relief Solutions For Dogs and Cats

For many of us, the autumn or fall season is approaching soon as the daylight hours shorten, the weather starts to cool, the leaves begin to change colors and drop from the trees. Many of the things we enjoy about fall are also triggers for those who suffer from allergies. The flowers of summer start to fade, but some plants wait just for this time of year to bloom. It is also harvest time for many crops which can cause large amounts of dust, pollens, and molds to be released into the air. Just like us, dogs and cats can develop an allergy or sensitivity to natural substances outside or in the air.

Sneezing, watery eyes, itching ears, itching skin, increased scratching, licking and chewing on skin areas, and hot spots are some of the most common signs. If the itching becomes intense, dogs and cats can damage their skin trying to scratch and relieve the sensation, which can lead to more problems like infection. Seasonal allergies may come and go depending on the time of the year and may be difficult to pinpoint the exact trigger that is causing your dog or cat problems. There are a variety of different treatments, medications, and products to help control seasonal allergies. Talk with your veterinarian about the best solution for your pet. VetClassics features a line of nutritional supplements and topicals designed just for dogs and cats with allergy

Allergy Skin & Coat is packed with Omega fatty acids DHA and EPA in a tasty soft chew. It helps maintain skin moisture and include natural antioxidants for a healthy immune and respiratory system.




Ear Wash cleans away dirt and debris while reducing wax buildup. It also eliminates odor from smelly ears. Allergy Ear Wash contains witch hazel and aloe vera to soothe itching, irritation, and mild inflammation that cause your dog or cat to scratch.




Allergy Anti-Lick Spray works to relieve irritated, itchy paws and has a bitter taste to stop destructive chewing and licking  It can be sprayed directly on the paws, foot pads, between toes, and other spots to quit the itch.




Vet Classics Allergy

Allergy HotSpot Foam is quick drying and designed to relieve itchy, irritated skin. It includes aloe vera, witch hazel, and tea tree oil quickly soothe skin. Its bitter taste discourages chewing and licking.