Purina ProPlan Veterinary Diets For Dogs and Cats

For dogs or cats, nutrition is an important part of their health and wellbeing. Having a balanced diet helps support vital functions in the body, support growth, and encourage longevity. Nutrition also plays a significant role in those with illness and health conditions. Certain types of diets may be used to help control problems associated with a disease and may accompany medications or other treatments. Veterinarians may choose a therapeutic diet for your dog or cat to help manage a condition or disease they have been diagnosed with.

Purina ProPlan Veterinary Diets

Purina Veterinary Diets are therapeutic diets that contain certain types of nutrients and balanced levels of ingredients. They are formulated to help provide nutritional support during the course of treatment options prescribed by your veterinarian. VetRxDirect now offers a variety of Purina Veterinary foods for your dog and cat.

Purina ProPlan at VetRxDirectPurina ProPlan Critical Nutrition provides nourishment for dogs and cats recovering from illness or surgery. CN is formulated with key nutrients as well as high levels of fat and protein to support recovery and maintain body mass. It contains additional antioxidants to help reduce oxidative stress and encourage health and functions of the immune system. CN is easily digested and has a smooth texture for syringe or tube feeding. High palatability makes it ideal for dogs and cats with reduced appetite.


Purina ProPlan NF at VetRxDirect

Purina ProPlan NF is a diet designed for cats with kidney disease, renal failure, or sodium restrictions. NF is formulated with lower levels of sodium, phosphorus, and protein. It may decrease waste products produced by the body, reduce kidney workload and damage, and increase urine pH. It also contains additional potassium, B complex vitamins, and omega fatty acids for complete and balanced nutrition for your cat.


Purina ProPlan EN at VetRxDirectPurina ProPlan EN is for cats with digestive and gastrointestinal conditions. EN contains low levels of carbohydrates, high levels of protein, and moderate fat content. It’s easy to digest formula has complete and balanced nutrition with additional B vitamins and chelated minerals. EN may be prescribed for cats and kittens during times of diarrhea and vomiting, or diseases like gastritis, pancreatitis, or bowel disease.


Purina ProPlan DM at VetRxDirectPurina ProPlan DM is specifically designed for cats with diabetes. DM is made of low levels of carbohydrates and high levels of protein. It may promote gluconeogenesis, a process in the body that converts protein to glucose. This allows for a more steady release of glucose and may lead to a reduced insulin requirement. It also contains additional antioxidants and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.


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*Purina ProPlan Veterinary Diets require prescription authorization from your veterinarian.


New Feliscratch and Kit4Cat Products For Cats

To many of us, owning a cat is like having another member of the family. They bring us companionship, keep us fascinated, and even help us cope with daily life. Like any pet, cats can sometimes be challenging but we love them anyway. Here at VetRxDirect, we offer a variety of healthcare solutions for cats, from prescriptions to wellness. Feliscratch and Kit4Cat are new noteworthy products that may make homelife and “catlife” smoother.


Feliscratch at VetRxDirect

Scratching is a natural behavior for cats, but it can sometimes be destructive especially on household furniture.  Feliscratch is a liquid pheromone that mimics the natural pheromones and marks left by cats while scratching. When applied to a scratching post it encourages cats to scratch there, instead of on valuable items. Feliscratch also contains catnip to help redirect the scratching where you want and correct inappropriate behavior. Ideal for single or multi-cat households.


Urine testing is an important part of maintaining your cat’s health. It is used to help diagnose illness and diseases including diabetes and kidney disorders. Urinary tract infections and disorders can also be diagnosed by testing urine pH and for stone and crystals. Veterinarians often ask cat owners for urine samples and it can be a difficult task. Some cats refuse to use non-absorbent litter because of the texture.

Kit4cat at VetRxDirect

Kit4Cat is a urine sample collection kit that just may help these issues. It contains a non-absorbent sand that repels liquid and keeps it on top, making it easy for you to collect a clean urine sample without any mess. The sand has a liquid repellent coating that is natural and non-toxic. It has the same texture, smell, and feel of regular sand making it accepted by cats even finicky ones. Simply place the sand in a clean container, give your cat some privacy, then use the included pipettes and vials to collect the urine from the top of the sand. Kit4Cat comes with sets of sand, pipettes, and vials for collection.

Have you tried one of these with your cats? If so, leave us a comment below! We enjoy hearing from our cat lovers.