VetRxDirect Adds Insanely Large Product Pictures

You asked for better product pictures and we listened.

Previously our images on any given product page were limited to 200X200 pixels. We’ve doubled this size to 400X400, which should increase your shopping satisfaction four fold.

Seriously though, we want to make sure you are confident the products we have listed are the products your pet needs. Bigger pictures help you find the products you want without any guesswork.

Phycox Soft Chews Joint Support for Dogs

Previous Phycox Picture. Small and Pixelated!

Here is an example of our work. Click on the image to see our current page with the updated picture. The difference is clear. You can even read the text on the product!

Our images may only show the most popular variation of a particular product.

In our example, we show a picture of Phycox 120 Count Soft Chews. VetRxDirect also carries Phycox Granules and Phycox Small Bites. Just click on the drop down menu to the right of “Select Product” and you will find all the variations we have available.

We are still working on adding many of the pictures, so some of the items are going to look fuzzy. We apologize for this and promise to work through these as quickly as possible.

If you notice your pet’s product isn’t looking great, leave a comment here and we’ll get it updated fast.

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Cleaning AeroKat: How To

We know many of you have found success using the AeroKat Inhaler combined with a metered dose inhaler for asthma treatment in your cat.  Your veterinarian may have suggested the spacer during an examination of your wheezing and coughing cat, common symptoms of asthmatic cats, or you may have asked your veterinarian about alternatives to prednisone injections or pills because of the unwanted side effects.

Cleaning AeroKat Instructions

Cleaning AeroKat PDF Courtesy of Trudell Animal Health

AeroKat Directions for Use

As successful as the AeroKat has been when used for feline asthma, here at VetRxDirect, we get a lot of questions about cleaning AeroKat Aerosol Chamber. We always suggest to follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions included with the spacer.  If you’ve misplaced your copy, you can find the AeroKat Instructions for Use and Cleaning PDF from the manufacturer, Trudell Animal Health.

Today, we wanted to share with you the most common issue other AeroKat customers have shared with us when they clean their pet’s Feline Aerosol Chamber- A stuck Flow-vu Indicator.


AeroKat’s Flow-vu Indicator


The Flow-vu Indicator’s job is to provide a visual cue to you when your cat takes a breath.  It allows you to count the number of breaths and may help you make a satisfactory seal between your pet’s muzzle and the mask.

While this piece of the AeroKat is not critical to the delivery of inhalers, it can be challenging to confirm your pet is breathing in his or her medication without the indicator.  This is why the minor issue of a stuck indicator makes for a bad day.  No worries, if your pet’s spacer indicator should stick after washing, simply wash it again, but this time allow the spacer to completely dry with the indicator open.  This is done by drying the mask adapter with the mask side down.

With proper cleaning and occasional replenishment of the replacement mask, your cat’s AeroKat should last the life of your pet.

And of course, these directions are useful and can be used for the AeroDawg as well.


AeroKat Available for Shipment Today from VetRxDirect

If your veterinarian has recommended a spacer and puffer for your asthmatic cat, or if you need a replacement mask, please visit our AeroKat product page.  We offer free, fast same-day shipping from Iowa and expedited shipping options are available as well.  We also sell the most common inhaler medications like Flovent and Albuterol.

Have you been using an AeroKat?  Do you have any suggestions on how to wash the device?  Maybe you have hints on how to introduce the spacer to cats?  Leave a message in the comments section below and we all can learn from experience.

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Your Dog Can Learn Neutricks!

Does your dog show any of these symptoms?


House Soiling


Sleep pattern changes




New phobias




Doesn’t recognize family


Your dog may be suffering from canine memory loss.

How to tell if your dog is suffering from senior canine aging.

Your veterinarian is the first stop if you believe your pet is showing signs of cognitive loss.  You’ll want to make sure to get your pet a senior pet health checkup first. Talk with your veterinarian about any signs of confusion or disorientation your dog is exhibiting. Then try Neutricks Senior Pet Formula.

What are the ingredients of Neutricks?

Neutricks contains apoaequorin and is a scientifically proven chewable supplement for your dog’s cognitive health.  Apoaequorin is a jellyfish protein and the same ingredient found in human memory supplements that may significantly improve memory.

Is your senior dog using Neutricks?

Leave us a product review in the comments section below and tell us how Neutricks has helped your dog’s mental agility and cognitive focus.

Best of all, Neutricks ships for free from VetRxDirect!

Buy Neutricks Today

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Senilife for Elderly Dogs and Cats is Back at VetRxDirect

Senilife Nutritional Supplement for Elderly Dogs and Cats

Senilife, Ceva’s leading nutritional supplement for elderly dogs and cats, is back in stock at VetRxDirect.  Place your order today by 3PM CST and we’ll do everything we can to ship it out on the same day.

Senilife supports brain function in older dogs and cats.  It is safe and formulated for long term use.  For best results, give the recommended dose of Senilife for one or two months and then review the success with your pet’s veterinarian.

What are the ingredients of Senilife?

Senilife contains Phosphatidylserine, Ginko Biloba Extract, Vitamins B6 and E, and Resveratrol (Grape Extract) and is scientifically proven to show signs of improvement.

Has your pet used Senilife in the past?

Please leave us a product review in the comments section below.

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We’ll be closed on Independence Day.  This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t place a new order at, it just means we won’t be able to ship it out until Thursday.

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