Coolers to Cat Condos: New Life for our Shipping Materials

As a part of one of our many efforts to recycle and reuse, we donate our excess styrofoam shipping coolers to a local animal shelter organization. With the help of volunteers, the insulated coolers are repurposed into outdoor shelters to help stray cats and other animals stay warm during the harsh midwest winters. The kitty shelters or cat condos are provided free of charge by the local animal shelter.

Without this partnership, these styrofoam coolers would, unfortunately, end up in a landfill.

On a regular basis, we receive many of these insulated, styrofoam coolers to our pharmacy. They arrive cold-packed to ensure sensitive medications like insulin are kept cool. After the medications are unpacked, the coolers have served their intended purpose, but being in good condition, we knew these could go to good use somewhere.

Paired with straw or other bedding materials, stray cats keep warm and out of the wind inside their insulated condos. They also provide a safe shelter during the warmer months. If not occupied by a cat, small wildlife may take advantage of the luxury accommodation.

A local news station picked up on the story, watch the volunteers in action!

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