Your Dog Can Learn Neutricks!

Does your dog show any of these symptoms?


House Soiling


Sleep pattern changes




New phobias




Doesn’t recognize family


Your dog may be suffering from canine memory loss.

How to tell if your dog is suffering from senior canine aging.

Your veterinarian is the first stop if you believe your pet is showing signs of cognitive loss.  You’ll want to make sure to get your pet a senior pet health checkup first. Talk with your veterinarian about any signs of confusion or disorientation your dog is exhibiting. Then try Neutricks Senior Pet Formula.

What are the ingredients of Neutricks?

Neutricks contains apoaequorin and is a scientifically proven chewable supplement for your dog’s cognitive health.  Apoaequorin is a jellyfish protein and the same ingredient found in human memory supplements that may significantly improve memory.

Is your senior dog using Neutricks?

Leave us a product review in the comments section below and tell us how Neutricks has helped your dog’s mental agility and cognitive focus.

Best of all, Neutricks ships for free from VetRxDirect!

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