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Top Sellers

K9 Advantix II flea, tick, and Mosquito Control for Dogs and Puppies

K9 Advantix II for Dogs 

$41.40 $28.48
Save $12.92!

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Heartgard Plus Chewable Heartworm Preventative for Dogs

Heartgard PLUS Chewables for Dogs Rx

$44.99 $28.99
Save $16.00!

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Ocu-GLO Rx Vision Supplement for Dogs

Ocu-GLO Rx 

$75.60 $70.00
Save $5.60!

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FRONTLINE Plus flea and tick protection for Dogs and Puppies

FRONTLINE Plus for Dogs 

$56.24 $35.98
Save $20.26!

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Revolution (selamectin) Heartworm and Flea Prevention for Dogs

Revolution (selamectin) for Dogs Rx

$59.99 $38.49
Save $21.50!

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AeroKat FAC Spacer for Asthma in Cats


$80.69 $63.99
Save $16.70!

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Advantage II Flea and Tick Prevention for Cats

Advantage II for Cats 

$57.49 $38.98
Save $18.51!

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Optixcare Eye Lubricant for dogs and cats

Optixcare Ophthalmic  

$10.48 $7.49
Save $2.99!

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RenAvast Promotes Healthy Kidney Function in Pets


$42.00 $28.99
Save $13.01!

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Revolution for cats once a month for protection against fleas and heartworm disease

Revolution (selamectin) for Cats Rx

$59.99 $38.49
Save $21.50!

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Featured Items

Sentinel prevents heartworms and fleas in dogs

Sentinel Flavor Tabs for Dogs Rx

$53.74 $34.49
Save $19.25!

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Vetoquinol Care Select Antioxidant Supplement for Pets

Select Antioxidant  

$20.64 $13.99
Save $6.65!

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OsteO-3 Bone and Joint Care for Dogs


$41.85 $29.19
Save $12.66!

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aerodawg spacer for bronchitis in dogs

AeroDawg CAC 

$80.69 $63.99
Save $16.70!

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Phos-Bind Aluminum Hydroxide Powder for Pets


$38.85 $30.99
Save $7.86!

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Novox Caplets Pain Reliever nsaid for Dogs

Novox (carprofen) Caplets Rx

$34.61 $16.49
Save $18.12!

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Viralys (L-Lysine) Gel and Powder for Herpes in Cats


$22.79 $15.21
Save $7.58!

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K-CIT-V tablets for bladder stones in dogs


$32.97 $18.49
Save $14.48!

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Enzadent Enzymatic Toothpaste for Pets, 90gm Tube

Enzadent Enzymatic Toothpaste 

$7.65 $5.49
Save $2.16!

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safe-guard fenbendazole Canine Dewormer

safe-guard Canine Dewormer 

$10.74 $5.08
Save $5.66!

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