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Top Sellers for Dog Medications Heart / Blood Pressure / Respiratory

Enalapril high blood pressure med for pets

Rx Enalapril

$0.80 $0.21
Save $0.59!


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vetmedin heart medication pet meds

Rx Vetmedin (pimobendan) Chewable Tablets

$68.74 $41.09
Save $27.65!


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Furosemide generic tablets for pets

Rx Furosemide

$14.81 $11.79
Save $3.02!


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Salix (furosemide) Tablets for Pets

Rx Salix (furosemide)

$0.31 $0.17
Save $0.14!


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All Products for Dog Medications Heart / Blood Pressure / Respiratory

Benazepril HCl tablets for heart conditions in dogs

Rx Benazepril HCl

$1.05 $0.32
Save $0.73!

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Disal (furosemide) Tablets is a Diuretic-Saluretic for Prompt Relief of Edema in Dogs

Rx Disal (furosemide)

$0.24 $0.14
Save $0.10!

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Mexiletine anti-arrhythmia drug for dogs

Rx Mexiletine

$1.43 $1.13
Save $0.30!

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Sotalol for irregular heartbeat in pets

Rx Sotalol

$0.41 $0.26
Save $0.15!

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Spironolactone diuretic tablets for pets

Rx Spironolactone

$0.34 $0.16
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Amlodipine tablets for heart conditions in cats

Rx Amlodipine Besylate

$0.83 $0.23
Save $0.60!

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Atenolol Tablets are used to treat heart disease and to lower blood pressure in cats and dogs.

Rx Atenolol Tablets

$0.23 $0.08
Save $0.15!

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Prazosin for Congestive Heart Failure in Pets

Rx Prazosin Hydrochloride

$1.07 $0.85
Save $0.22!

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Digoxin Heart Tablets for Dogs and Cats

Rx Digox (digoxin)

$1.69 $1.35
Save $0.34!

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Diltiazem Tablets for Dogs and Cats

Rx Diltiazem

$0.33 $0.22
Save $0.11!

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Gemfibrozil Tablets for Hypertriglyceridemia in Dogs

Rx Gemfibrozil

$0.29 $0.19
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Lisinopril for Blood Pressure in Dogs and Cats

Rx Lisinopril

$0.65 $0.19
Save $0.46!

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