Does Your Senior Pet Need a Supplement?

Heathly Aging Pet Supplement

Courtesy of jenny downing/Flickr

“Ahhh, my aching knees!” “My poor back!” “I can’t remember where I left my bone!” If your aging dog or cat could talk, he’d sound like a lot of older folks who suffer from age-related aches, pains, and dementia.

Of course, getting older is a fact of life for people and pets. While no one has found the fountain of youth, there are ways to make your pet more comfortable as she ages.

Adjust activity levels – Aging dogs and cats still need exercise, but for dogs especially, lengthy walks and rambunctious play at the dog park is often more than senior dogs can handle.  Consider taking a few shorter walks and throwing the ball for your dog in the backyard instead.

Visit your vet more regularly – Many veterinarians like to see older dogs and cats every six months instead of annually. This helps them keep on top of current health issues and spot new problems early on.

Focus on feeding – Appetites and nutritional needs change as pets age. Some pets need less food, others may need more, and many just need a different formula. Talk to your veterinarian about switching to a high quality geriatric dog or cat food. Also ask about how much you should feed your pet and how often.

Give your dog a boost – Getting into the car, jumping up on the couch, and going down the stairs are hard for pets with arthritis and aging joints. If your pet has trouble getting around your house, look in to ramps, stairs, and other devices to make favorite places more accessible.

Add a supplement – Nutritional supplements can help ease age-related problems including aching joints, deteriorating eyesight, and cognitive problems. Ask your veterinarian if your pet could benefit from a supplement.

The makers of the popular Ocu-Glo products for improved eyesight offer a full line of  all-natural nutritional supplements. Among many others, we stock Healthy Aging Vet, specially formulated for geriatric dogs and cats.

Healthy Aging Vet enhances brain function, may relieve inflammation due to exercise, supports eye health, and helps maintain a normal emotional balance in older cats and dogs.  The natural active ingredients in Healthy Aging Vet are bilberry, Korean Ginseng, and Gingko Biloba.

What makes this line of nutritional supplements so popular is that they’re made in the U.S.A. with all natural, pharmaceutical grade ingredients so you can have confidence giving them to your pet.  The small capsules are easy to dose, too – just pop them in a pill pocket or peanut butter and down the hatch they go.

To your senior pet’s health!