Put the Hex – Ultra Hex – on Skin Conditions

Skin problems are one the most common concerns of pet owners. Dogs bite and scratch incessantly causing broken skin and sores. Cats lick their fur until it falls out. It’s tough to watch. For many pets it becomes a vicious cycle; irritated, broken skin is prone to infection that can spread causing even more sores, hot spots, and itching.

Skin issues are challenging to diagnose and control because they’re caused by a variety of factors that have similar symptoms.  The most common causes of skin problems in dogs, cats and horses are:

  • Environmental irritants
  • Parasites
  • Allergy to foods or pollens
  • Bacterial, fungal or yeast infections
  • Nutrition problems
  • Stress

Just reading that list makes my skin itch!  What to do? As always, the first step is to consult your veterinarian. After an examination, and possibly a test or two, your veterinarian will give you some treatment suggestions.  One might be more frequent baths. Recent research has proven the benefits of frequent bathing for some pets with skin problems because baths wash away the bacteria, pollens, and molds that build up in pet fur and get trapped against the skin causing irritation and infection.

If your pet is diagnosed with a bacterial, yeast, or fungal infection your veterinarian may prescribe a medicated shampoo containing Chlorhexidine Gluconate. This is a safe, broad-spectrum antibacterial that helps cleanse the skin and control bacterial, yeast, and fungal skin infections.

Why should you ask your pet’s veterinarian about Ultra Hex:

Lovet UltraHex Shampoo at VetRxDirect.PharmacyUltra Hex, manufactured by Lovet, is an excellent medicated shampoo that contains Chlorhexidine Gluconate 4%. What’s great about Ultra Hex is that it’s soap-free and moisturizing so it’s easy on your pet’s sensitive skin while leaving her fur smooth and silky. While Ultra Hex is therapeutic, it’s also made with Non-Irritating Fragrance Technology™ so your pet will smell like lovely Japanese Cherry Blossom — not that terrible medicated smell you get from other antiseptic shampoos.

VetRxDirect is proud to be an online retailer for Lovet premium brand veterinary products including Ultra Hex shampoo. Lovet manufactures their products in an FDA registered facility and only sells to veterinarians!  Questions? Leave a comment below.

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