Fight Fleas and Ticks with Seresto

Many of us are still experiencing freezing temperatures, so it’s hard to believe that spring is almost here. That means warm days and more trips to the dog park aren’t far away — neither is and flea and tick season. Usually, long stretches of cold winter weather help suppress flea and tick populations, but this year’s relatively mild temperatures mean we’ll probably have a more severe flea and tick season. Learn how to treat your home if you are experiencing flea populations.

Can you believe that just one flea can bite up to 400 times a day? So you can understand just how uncomfortable a pup with a flea infestation can be.  But these parasites are much more than an itchy, disgusting nuisance. Fleas can cause a skin allergy in both cats and dogs and also carry tapeworms that can drain nutrition from your pet.

Ticks are even more dangerous because they transmit a variety of diseases, some of which can be fatal, including Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Lyme Disease, Ehrlichiosis, and more.

Protect Your Pet with a Flea and Tick Preventative

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For the best flea and tick protection for your pet most veterinarians recommend year-round flea and tick prevention. And you have a lot of options. Topical treatments are some of the most popular preventatives because they’re safe, effective, and easy to use.  Just a few drops of the medication on your pet’s skin usually once a month provides safe, powerful, waterproof protection all month long.  VetRxDirect has a range of these topical treatments ready to ship.

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We’ve just started stocking a brand new option that’s a great alternative to topical treatment: Seresto. This product features innovative technology blending the convenience of a collar with the long-term performance of a topical treatment.

Seresto Prevents and Treats Flea and Ticks

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It’s nothing like the old “flea collars” people used to use. Seresto is made of a unique polymer matrix embedded with two powerful active ingredients to kill fleas and repel and kill ticks. The medications slowly releases from the material giving your dog or cat effective, full body, waterproof protection for up to eight months. No mess, no odor, and no monthly reminders since one Seresto collar will last most of the year. Pretty easy and convenient, don’t you think? Plus there is currently a Seresto Rebate. Learn more by visiting VetRxDirect’s Seresto Product Page.

Here’s to being tick and flea free!


Prevent the Flea Life Cycle on Your Pet

Fleas are the most common external parasite on dogs and cats. They tend to build up during the summer months and early fall, but can be a year round problem indoors.  Fleas cause itching and irritation which leads to dermatitis that can become severe if your pet becomes allergic to the flea bites.

Fleas prefer dogs and cats, but when they are in sufficient numbers they will start to bite you. Control of fleas has always been a challenge because only adult fleas live on the pet. The majority of the flea population (eggs, larvae, and pupa) live off the pet, in and around the house. The adult fleas cause all of the symptoms, but represent less than 10% of the total flea life cycle population.

The Flea Life Cycle

Eggs are laid in the hair coat of pets and fall off in and around the house. Eggs are resistant to many insecticides. Eggs hatch and develop into larvae which feed on digested blood excreted by the adult flea. Larvae then develop into pupae (cocoons) and can remain dormant or develop rapidly into adults. Pupae are also resistant to insecticides. The life cycle of the flea is about 21 days in the right conditions but can be as short as 16 days. Adult females live 4-6 weeks and can lay up to 40 eggs per day. Once adult fleas emerge they are very hungry and will immediately seek a blood meal from your pet. Yuck!

Flea Control

Physical cleaning and vacuuming your environment is very helpful in reducing the amount of eggs and immature fleas. But eggs and immature fleas are very small and can hide in the smallest places and some stages can lay dormant until the right conditions exist. Total flea control requires cleaning and treatment of the environment as well as treatment of the pet. It is much easier to prevent fleas than treat them once they have infested the house and pets.

Common Flea Control Products:


Lufeneron is available in a once per month tablet or oral solution branded Program and in the prescription heartworm medicine branded Sentinel. Lufeneron keeps flea eggs from hatching, helping to break the flea life cycle. It is also available from your veterinarian as a six month injection for cats.

Pyriproxifen (Nylar)

Pyriproxifen (Nylar) is an insect growth regulator found in many household sprays and foggers. Brands include Mycodex and Virbac Knockout. One treatment can last up to 150 days, but always follow the instructions found on the product’s label.


Imidacloprid is a topical adult pesticide for pets applied monthly. Advantage II for Cats and Advantage II for Dogs contain imidacloprid. It is combined with permethrin for tick control in dogs in the branded product Advantix II. Advantix should not be applied to cats. Imidacloprid is combined with moxidectin in the prescription topical medications for heartworm prevention, the branded products Advantage Multi for Cats and Advantage Multi for Dogs.


Fipronil is a topical adult insecticide found in Frontline, Certifect, Effipro for Cats, Effitix for Dogs, and many other products. These products are applied topically once a month. Fipronil controls both fleas and ticks. In Frontline Plus and Certifect, it is combined with S-Methoprene, an insect growth regulator, to control adult and immature fleas. Certifect and Effitix should not be used on cats.


Selamectin is a prescription medicine for dogs and cats that controls fleas and heartworms as well as other listed parasites. Selamectin is available as a product branded Revolution for Cats and Revolution for Dogs and is applied topically to the pet once per month


Nitenpyram is the flea medicine contained in Capstar Tablets. It kills fleas rapidly as soon as it is ingested by the dog or cat. It only lasts a short time but can be repeated daily as needed.

Secondary Problems Caused by Fleas

Fleas are not only a nuisance, they can also cause severe diseases in pets. Fleas carry tapeworm larvae which can lead to tapeworm infections in dogs and cats. All pets infested with fleas should be wormed for tapeworms after the fleas are under control. Virbantel is an excellent tapeworm treatment.

Even a few fleas can cause skin problems in dogs and cats and may not even be readily observable. This may cause skin problems which are hard to discern from seasonal allergies since both are common in the spring, summer, and fall.

It is easier and less expensive to prevent fleas than treat them once they have infested your house and pets. So, start your pet on a flea preventative today.

Which flea preventatives have you used on your pet? How did the flea medicine work? Do you have suggestion on controlling fleas in the home? Please leave your comments below.

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