Announcing EpiCor for Pets

Have you heard the buzz about EpiCor? Visit your local nutrition store or the vitamin
aisle at your supermarket and you’ll see lots of products containing EpiCor, a
revolutionary, natural, dietary ingredient that helps balance the human immune
system and keep it healthy.

People all over the country take EpiCor because its special blend of vitamins, protein,
fiber, amino acids, metabolites, and antioxidants helps fight off infections and keeps
them healthy. The central ingredient in EpiCor is based on a proprietary fermentation
technology that’s been used by millions of people for more than 70 years.

EpiCor for Pets - Coming Soon!Good news! Soon your dog can get all the health benefits of EpiCor with new EpiCor
for Pets. This great product contains the same, clinically proven ingredient as EpiCor
for humans so you know it’s safe and effective. EpiCor for Pets is like a supercharged
multi-vitamin for your canine companion. The natural supplement strengthens your
dog’s immune system keeping it healthy and ready to fight off immune system
challenges. The formula comes in an innovative, easy-to-use pump liquid, just add EpiCor for Pets to your dog’s food following the label’s instructions.

EpiCor for Pets will be available in four different formulations:

  • Puppy – supports development, rapidly growing joints, and the immune system
  • Adult – supports joints, digestion, gut health, and the immune system
  • Senior – supports aging joints, digestion, and the immune system
  • Allergy – supports digestion and the immune system, builds up immunity for seasonal factors that cause skin irritation

We expect to have EpiCor for Pets in stock by October. Be the first to know when
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EpiCor for Pets is made by True-Dose. If you are attending SuperZoo in Las Vegas this week, plan on stopping by True-Dose’s table at booth #5171. They will be happy to answer any questions you have about any of True-Dose products including EpiCor for Pets.

To your pet’s health!

Omega Fatty Acids are an Important Addition to Any Diet

“They don’t make ‘em like they used to” is a common catchphrase most of us have heard. It can be applied to nearly any commercial good, from automobiles to appliances and even to homes. But we rarely hear it when discussing pet food, as this is a talking point that is largely ignored. As the nation embraces organic eatables, we are simultaneously serving our dogs and cats less nutritious meals than we did in the past.

Most of the dry or canned pet foods that are sold at local supermarkets are heavily processed and contain copious amounts of “filler”, an ingredient that is added to provide dietary fiber and/or bulk. Common examples include corn, soy, weeds, straw, citrus pulp, and cereal by-products. It does not contain any nutritional value, but it helps keep costs low; many animal lovers truly care for their dogs and cats, but rarely have the cash to feed them as if they were human beings.  Gourmet, organic, and specialized pet foods can be more expensive than anything you might feed your child.  It is no wonder then why most pet owners often have to go with the more affordable alternative. What’s more, they shouldn’t feel bad about it! Even though they are heavily processed, these foods are not necessarily unhealthy. With that said, they may lack some of nutrients your cat or dog needs to stay bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and this is especially true for older pets that naturally slow down as they age. If they do not get the nutrients they need with each meal, they may be more susceptible to age-related injuries and ailments.

Just as their owners do, dogs and cats can benefit from daily nutritional supplements. These pills, tablets, and chewables are designed to make up for a dietary deficiency caused by commercial pet foods, or because they have higher needs for certain nutrients than the average pet. A good supplement can give them everything they need to keep their coats and skin healthy, shinny, and supple.

Derma-3, Optima 365 and True-Dose are Available at VetRxDirectOmega-3s and Omega-6s are the two main classes of fatty acids that help support skin and coat health in our pets. Unfortunately, they are sorely lacking in most commercial pet food brands. The only way to ensure that your furry friend gets enough of them is to feed him dietary supplements on a regular basis, like Optima 365 and Derma-3. These polyunsaturated fats are actually produced in the canine and feline body, but neither makes enough of them to support healthy functions. They must get the remainder from their diets, which may be difficult if you feed them commercial pet food. There are also liquid forms of supplements that will do everything from improve joint health to sooth emotions to have a pet that feel superb on multiple levels.

If your pet is on a diet because he’s overweight or has an intestinal disease that keeps him from absorbing fatty acids as he should, it may cause skin and coat problems. Itching or inflamed skin and a dull coat are the most common symptoms of this physical ailment, whether it is caused by diet or a medical issue. Taking a simple supplement should help him return his skin and coat to their former glory.

The True-Dose Story

The idea for True-Dose arose from the real experience Joe and Margie Wayman had with their German Shepherd, Cody. As he was getting older, they started to notice symptoms of joint pain, so their veterinarian recommended they give Cody a glucosamine/chondroitin bone and joint supplement. While it wasn’t difficult to find a high-quality tablet, it was difficult to coax Cody into taking the tablet. They tried everything – wrapping the tablet in slices of cheese, hiding it in bits of a hot dog, even Braunschweiger – but Cody almost always managed to avoid consuming the tablet. Even when they managed to get the tablet into his system, due to the intermittent dosing, they did not see any results or relief of Cody’s arthritis.

True-Dose Liquid Pump Pet Supplements

True-Dose High Quality Liquid Pet Supplements

So Margie, being a librarian, began to do some research and came up with the idea of supplements in a liquid form. From there, True-Dose was developed as an alternative to the tablet or chewable form of bone and joint supplements for dogs and cats. True-Dose placed using high quality ingredients as their top priority and committed themselves to making human-grade products that truly work. However, they were also aware even the highest quality ingredients will do no good if they are not absorbed on a regular basis. So, they developed an innovative means of delivery – the premeasured pump dosing system – to ensure pet owners can administer the products to their pets in a simple, convenient way everyday.

Joe Wayman says, “Our pets are like children and we want pet owners to feel they are providing their pets with the safest, healthiest, and most effective supplements available. We fully believe in True-Dose and know it is unmatched by any other pet supplement. The high quality of our product, innovative delivery system, and integrity of our company are raising the bar in the pet community. True-Dose is quickly becoming the products pet parents prefer”.

When it comes to giving your pet a supplement, True-Dose is truly the best solution. The easy means of administration eliminates the stress and hassle for you and the high quality ingredients allows you to help improve your pet’s health. There are three key elements of True-Dose which set it apart from other pet supplements: Fast, Accurate, Convenient.

True-Dose: Fast – Accurate – Convenient

Fast: The liquid formulation of the ingredients in True-Dose products guarantees rapid onset in the pet. The liquid absorbs easily into the pet’s system and begins to work almost immediately. True-Dose Calming formulation begins to work within in 15 minutes, Skin & Coat within three days, and Joint Care shows results in as little as 7 days.

True-Dose Pet Supplement Pump System

True-Dose Pet Supplements use an Innovative Delivery System

Accurate: The metered-dose pump system guarantees the correct amount of supplement is dispensed for the pet according to its weight as directed on the label. This ensures each individual pet is getting the exact amount of the supplement needed to produce results in their system.

Convenient: The innovative delivery system True-Dose uses makes giving your pet their supplements as easy as pumping the appropriate amount directly onto their food each day. This system requires no special techniques or tricks and creates no mess. It simply ensures absorption and results!

Give any of the True-dose products a try and tell us what you think. Our readers always appreciate your reviews.