Announcing EpiCor for Pets

Have you heard the buzz about EpiCor? Visit your local nutrition store or the vitamin
aisle at your supermarket and you’ll see lots of products containing EpiCor, a
revolutionary, natural, dietary ingredient that helps balance the human immune
system and keep it healthy.

People all over the country take EpiCor because its special blend of vitamins, protein,
fiber, amino acids, metabolites, and antioxidants helps fight off infections and keeps
them healthy. The central ingredient in EpiCor is based on a proprietary fermentation
technology that’s been used by millions of people for more than 70 years.

EpiCor for Pets - Coming Soon!Good news! Soon your dog can get all the health benefits of EpiCor with new EpiCor
for Pets. This great product contains the same, clinically proven ingredient as EpiCor
for humans so you know it’s safe and effective. EpiCor for Pets is like a supercharged
multi-vitamin for your canine companion. The natural supplement strengthens your
dog’s immune system keeping it healthy and ready to fight off immune system
challenges. The formula comes in an innovative, easy-to-use pump liquid, just add EpiCor for Pets to your dog’s food following the label’s instructions.

EpiCor for Pets will be available in four different formulations:

  • Puppy – supports development, rapidly growing joints, and the immune system
  • Adult – supports joints, digestion, gut health, and the immune system
  • Senior – supports aging joints, digestion, and the immune system
  • Allergy – supports digestion and the immune system, builds up immunity for seasonal factors that cause skin irritation

We expect to have EpiCor for Pets in stock by October. Be the first to know when
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EpiCor for Pets is made by True-Dose. If you are attending SuperZoo in Las Vegas this week, plan on stopping by True-Dose’s table at booth #5171. They will be happy to answer any questions you have about any of True-Dose products including EpiCor for Pets.

To your pet’s health!