Is Generic Carprofen Safe For My Dog?

Today there are many prescription generic carprofen brands available for the relief of pain and inflammation in dogs, including arthritis and hip dysplasia. You have probably heard of the brand name Rimadyl®, but what about generics? You may have wondered if they are safe for your dog, or if they will work as well.

Brand Name or Generic?

Generic Brands Same Quality and Performance

Generic medications work the same way as brand-name medications do, and they are proven to have the same safety as the brand names. They also contain the same active ingredient and are made to be used in the same exact way. The FDA strictly requires that all generics have the same dosage, safety, effectiveness, strength, stability, and quality while in comparison to their brand name counterparts. As a result, generics also carry the same side effects, risks, and benefits. The FDA regulates generic medications for both humans and animals, learn more on their website.

Carprofen, the active ingredient in Rimadyl®, comes in generic medications that are FDA approved for dogs. Just like the brand name, generic carprofen meets the same FDA requirements and is also made in licensed facilities inspected by the FDA. The only difference is the cost. Carprofen is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) drug that treats pain, swelling, and discomfort caused by arthritis, surgery, and joint problems. Generics treat the same problems while also offering a lower cost option. Likewise generic carprofen comes in flavored chewable tablets and soft chews.

Ask your dog’s veterinarian today if generic carprofen is the right pain management medicine for your dog. Because carprofen requires a prescription, it is important to discuss this option with your dog’s veterinarian. Then visit VetRxDirect to find a wide selection of carprofen generic medication and cost savings for you.

Generic Carprofen Medications Equivalent to Rimadyl®

Generic Carprofen Available at VetRxDirect

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Quellin: A More Convenient Carprofen

Quellin Carprofen Soft Chews for Dogs Now Available

Quellin is now available at VetRxDirect Pet Pharmacy

The FDA has recently approved Quellin, a medication containing Carprofen, in a soft chew formulation. This new formulation makes giving your dog’s anti-inflammatory much more convenient because you can simply offer it like a treat. Quellin is meat flavored, a savory taste most dogs love. This eliminates the need to mask your dog’s medication or hide it in their food. It also can help you feel more confident your dog is getting their full dose, as long as they eat the whole soft chew!

Quellin is the Newest Carprofen Dog Medication

Quellin’s active ingredient, Carprofen, is the same active ingredient as Rimadyl, Norocarp, Vetprofen, Novox, Carprieve, and Putney’s Carprofen. The difference with Quellin is the more convenient soft chew formulation. Quellin carries the same risks, side effects, and efficacy as the other carprofen agents: To learn more please read my other article, Important Information on NSAIDS for Pets.

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Generic Carprofen for Arthritis in Dogs

Pet medications for pain relief in dogs have been prescribed by veterinarians for years. So long in fact, that today there are many prescription generic carprofen brands available for the relief of pain and inflammation in dogs, including arthritis and hip dysplasia.

What does ‘Generic Carprofen’ Mean?

Generic carprofen is proven to have the same desired effect and safety as the brand name. And, just like the brand, generics are FDA-approved for use in dogs, meet FDA requirements and are made in FDA-inspected facilities. The only difference is cost.

Less expensive, bio-equivalent drugs with the same active ingredient to Rimadyl® Caplets are available now. It should be noted that while these products have the same active drug as Rimadyl® chewable tablets, generic carprofen is not yet available in chewable form. Still, it may be worth the cost savings to discuss this option with your pet’s veterinarian if you believe your dog will take the caplet form.

Ask your pet’s veterinarian today if generic carprofen is the right pain management medicine for your dog. Then visit VetRxDirect Pet Pharmacy to find great prices on a wide selection of carprofen generics.

Generic Carprofen Available at VetRxDirect

Generic Carprofen equivalent to Rimadyl® caplets available at VetRxDirect:

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Rimadyl® is a registered trademark of Zoetis (formerly Pfizer Animal Health).

How to Control Arthritis in Dogs

According to a recent study, more than two-thirds of the people suffering from some form of arthritis are over the age of 65. In other words, arthritis is predominately a gerontic disease, or one that affects the elderly disproportionately. But even this definition is inadequate. The fact is just about every active species on Earth suffers from the disorder. Paleontologists have discovered evidence of osteoarthritis, the most common type of the disease, in dinosaurs. Homo sapiens have been documenting cases of arthritis for nearly seven thousand years now. How about our furry friends?

Because they cannot complain about their pain, cases of feline and canine arthritis have gone untreated since prehistory. There is little doubt dogs and cats have been suffering from the disease since they were first brought into human settlements.  Because they are bigger and they age at a slightly faster rate, canines are more likely to be diagnosed with arthritis than their feline counterparts. According to some estimates, about twenty percent of adult dogs suffer from some form of the disease.

The most common cause of chronic arthritis in dogs is inflammation, which is caused by infection or biomechanics and is almost always degenerative, i.e., it gets worse over time. In most cases, pain and discomfort occur because there is not enough cartilage surrounding and protecting the moving joints. When these sensitive, connective, and unprotected bones rub together, the patient invariably experiences discomfort or even acute pain.

Most of dogs diagnosed with arthritis have osteoarthritis, which is often purely mechanical. Degraded and deteriorating joints cause pain because of cartilage loss, and the patient simply cannot move around like he/she used to. Natural consequences of decreased physical activity include weight gain, lethargy, chronic muscle injuries, and depression. Yes, your pet dog can become depressed if unable to enjoy an active lifestyle.

What are the symptoms of arthritis in dogs?

An animal with arthritis will find it more difficult to perform almost every activity, from running and jumping to walking up the stairs or even sitting and standing. Anything putting additional pressure on joints will hurt and thusly will be avoided as the disease progresses.  Fortunately, the chronic condition can be treated, but not cured. Just like their people, pets respond to pain-relieving drugs known as analgesics. Depending on the degree of degeneration, your dog’s doctor may prescribe a number of medications designed to increase comfortable and manage pain in your dog. These tablets and pills are more than mere stopgap solutions, they can actually help him recover and build up his strength a bit.

Treatment Options for Arthritis in Dogs


OroCam (meloxicam) is Now Available at VetRxDirect


Novox Pain Reliever for Arthritis in Dogs

Novox (carprofen) Caplets:  A non-steroidal anti-inflammatory prescription medication, Novox (carprofen) helps relieve pain and inflammation in dogs suffering from chronic arthritis. Lab tests and studies have returned mostly positive results and few negative side effects. The most common corollary is a simple stomach ache that may eventually lead to ulcers. It is for this reason that the medication should always be given with your pet’s favorite food.  Dog lovers should do their best to administer Novox (carprofen) caplets once a day at the same time each day, which may greatly reduce the risk of potential side effects.

ArthriEase-Gold May Help Arthritis in DogsArthriEase-GOLD:  A popular supplement with humans, glucosamine, one of the primary ingredients in ArthriEase-GOLD, helps promote joint tissue health. This product also includes chondroitin sulfate used to improving symptoms of arthritis,  hyaluronic acid which acts like a cushion and lubricant for joints, and MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) used to help control pain.

Once again, most forms of arthritis are degenerative. They will get worse over time. But with the right prescription medications and supplements, it is possible to alleviate joint and muscle pain in our pets. Affordable and relatively easy to administer, all of the medications we discussed today may improve the quality of your dog’s life and allow your pet to live out the remaining years in fine fettle.