Quellin: A More Convenient Carprofen

Quellin Carprofen Soft Chews for Dogs Now Available

Quellin is now available at VetRxDirect Pet Pharmacy

The FDA has recently approved Quellin, a medication containing Carprofen, in a soft chew formulation. This new formulation makes giving your dog’s anti-inflammatory much more convenient because you can simply offer it like a treat. Quellin is meat flavored, a savory taste most dogs love. This eliminates the need to mask your dog’s medication or hide it in their food. It also can help you feel more confident your dog is getting their full dose, as long as they eat the whole soft chew!

Quellin is the Newest Carprofen Dog Medication

Quellin’s active ingredient, Carprofen, is the same active ingredient as Rimadyl, Norocarp, Vetprofen, Novox, Carprieve, and Putney’s Carprofen. The difference with Quellin is the more convenient soft chew formulation. Quellin carries the same risks, side effects, and efficacy as the other carprofen agents: To learn more please read my other article, Important Information on NSAIDS for Pets.

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Generic Carprofen for Arthritis in Dogs

Pet medications for pain relief in dogs have been prescribed by veterinarians for years. So long in fact, that today there are many prescription generic carprofen brands available for the relief of pain and inflammation in dogs, including arthritis and hip dysplasia.

What does ‘Generic Carprofen’ Mean?

Generic carprofen is proven to have the same desired effect and safety as the brand name. And, just like the brand, generics are FDA-approved for use in dogs, meet FDA requirements and are made in FDA-inspected facilities. The only difference is cost.

Less expensive, bio-equivalent drugs with the same active ingredient to Rimadyl® Caplets are available now. It should be noted that while these products have the same active drug as Rimadyl® chewable tablets, generic carprofen is not yet available in chewable form. Still, it may be worth the cost savings to discuss this option with your pet’s veterinarian if you believe your dog will take the caplet form.

Ask your pet’s veterinarian today if generic carprofen is the right pain management medicine for your dog. Then visit VetRxDirect Pet Pharmacy to find great prices on a wide selection of carprofen generics.

Generic Carprofen Available at VetRxDirect

Generic Carprofen equivalent to Rimadyl® caplets available at VetRxDirect:

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