New Basaglar Kwik Pen Available For Diabetic Pets

One of the most popular insulins with VetRxDirect pet owners is Lantus, and until recently it has been the only one of its kind available. Basaglar, insulin glargine, was approved by the FDA for the treatment of diabetes. The release of Basaglar also means a lower price compared to Lantus, and that’s a big deal for pet owners.

Basaglar, like Lantus, is insulin glargine a type of long-acting human insulin. It lowers and regulates blood sugar levels in pets with diabetes. Because it is long acting, it can take a few hours to start working and then can last for as long as 24 hours. Basaglar also comes in the KwikPen, like Lantus SoloStar Pen, a favorite among pet parents.

Insulin injections are commonly prescribed to animals with diabetes because they are unable to produce their own insulin or use it properly. Giving injections can be difficult and time-consuming once you have wrangled all of the supplies and your pet together. Insulin typically comes in a bottle that has to be drawn out and For More Info on Basaglarmeasured with certain insulin syringes, but many insulins come in pens. Insulin pens hold the medication inside of a chamber and can be reused for multiple doses. The end has a numbered dial that is twisted until the desired dose (units) is displayed and the bottom end is pressed like a pen to release the dose of insulin. Specially designed “pen needles” attach to the opposite end for each injection. Some pet owners prefer using the pens because they are easier to handle and get more accurate dosing.

Basaglar KwikPen is easy to use. It has a twist dial for giving doses as small as 1 unit and fits with most U-100 pen needles. Talk with your veterinarian about insulin pens and if Basaglar is right for your pet.

Guidelines for Ordering Temperature Sensitive Items in the Heat

Warmer TempsAs hot weather settles into parts of the U.S., now is the time to review your preferred shipping address to make sure deliveries are made away from the heat. This is not only important for insulin for pets and any other cold packed pet meds, but any medication for your pet if you live in a hot environment.

In our experience, the best place to have packages delivered is the location where you spend your days, or if you are unable to have packages delivered to this location, have them delivered to a trusted friend or family member who is able to sign for the packages during the day. Leave instructions with this individual to have the contents stored appropriately. Most items require room temperatures out of sunlight, but temperature sensitive drugs should be placed in refrigeration as soon as possible. Ask your pet’s pharmacist if you have any questions on how to appropriately store your pet’s medication.

Remember to follow your pet’s order by clicking on the tracking number provided in the tracking e-mail sent to you after we ship your order. Every order at VetRxDirect gets a tracking number for your convenience. When you track your pet’s package, an expected delivery date will be provided to help you make plans.

We apologize, but we are unable to leave special handling instructions in most cases. Even if we are able to leave instructions, there is no guarantee the courier will follow your desires. That’s why it is best to have orders delivered to controlled environments where a person can take possession of the package and follow your wishes.

If you live in a warm environment, please take a moment to read VetRxDirect’s shipping information page. The information provided on this page may provide answers to your basic shipping questions. If you have any other questions, we are available by e-mail or phone to provide answers. Just drop us a line and a VetRxDirect pharmacy technician or pharmacist will get back to you right away.

Thank you and stay cool,