How do I Submit a Claim to my Pet Insurance Company?

Recently, VetRxDirect received the following 2 out of 5 star rating review from user evan-990 over at

“Cannot get them to send me invoices with vets name and date of order. My pet insurance will not accept anything less, so I have been unable to send them claims.”

All of us at VetRxDirect want to provide a pet meds pharmacy where our customers can easily place online orders and receive fast, accurate deliveries at affordable costs without hang-ups.

In response to the above review, VetRxDirect now lists your pet’s name and veterinarian on our mailed invoices. You will now be able to easily submit our invoices to pet medical insurance plans after you receive your pet’s order. Be sure to follow the insurance company’s instructions when submitting claims.

Here is an example of a product line item on VetRxDirect’s improved invoice:


All of our invoices clearly display the order date at the top of the page.

If you have any other suggestions or ideas for invoice improvements, please let us know in the comments suggestions below.

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