Ouch and Itch! Ear Infections in Dogs

Long and floppy. Straight up. One up, one down. Whatever direction they go, your dog’s ears are some of her most marked characteristics.  They can also be the source of a painful problem: ear infection.

That’s not surprising as dogs have complex ear structures, from the earflaps we see outside, which are part of the “outer ear;” to the middle ear, which includes the ear drum, and the inner ear that connects to the brain.

Besides having complex ear structures, some dogs are prone to ear infections more than others including:

• Dogs with long, heavy ear flaps – Cocker Spaniels, Blood Hounds, Springer Spaniels

• Breeds with more hair in their ears – Terriers, Poodles, Schnauzers

• Dogs that spend a lot of time in the water

Scratch ‘n Shake

If you’ve ever had an ear infection – like swimmer’s ear – you know how uncomfortable it can be.  Depending on the cause of the infection, your dog may experience pain, pressure, itching, and swelling. Look for these signs of an ear infection in your dog:

• Scratching the ears

• Rubbing the ears along the walls and floors

• Shaking the head

• Redness

• Discharge

• Odor

The Culprits

Bacteria, yeast, mites and fleas are common causes of ear infections.  Other causes include allergies, very damp environments, and foreign bodies like burrs and foxtails that lodge in the ear canal. If your dog is exhibiting signs of an ear infection, do not probe his ear with a Q-tip or try cleaning it with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide; both efforts can cause more damage and pain for your dog.

Bend Your Veterinarian’s Ear

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If your dog shows signs of an ear infection, head to the vet. Left untreated, an ear infection can quickly become a health emergency for your pup. Your veterinarian will examine your dog’s ears and will probably prescribe a prescription to stop the infection and reduce discomfort.

Your vet may also suggest an over-the-counter ear cleanser to help keep your dog’s ears clean and prevent infections. We stock many ear cleaners right here at VetRxDirect.

What worked to stop your dog’s ear infection? And has regular cleansing helped prevent further trouble? We’re always interested to hear from our customers and appreciate your input.

We’re all ears,