Gingerlead Dog Support Harness

Help Dogs with Weak Hind Legs Walk with GingerLead

Sometimes dogs have trouble walking or going up and down stairs because their hind legs are weak.  We carry the GingerLead dog support and rehabilitation harness to help veterinarians and dog owners effectively assist dogs with weak hind legs.

GingerLead Dog Support Harness

Above is a picture of Ginger, the inspiration for GingerLead.  She had surgery to reconstruct her hip at just six months old (triple pelvic osteotomy).  She was sent home with instructions for her owners to support her weight on the hind end and to restrict her activity.  A bath towel was provided, but it didn’t work very well for any of them.  When Ginger had to have another surgery for a luxating patella, a sling and the same instructions were given to her owners.  The sling was better than the towel, but provided little comfort for Ginger or her owners and no control.  Ginger frequently wanted to dart down stairs or chase a squirrel…  Her owners, determined to find a better tool, attached a leash and handle to a soft, padded support sling and the GingerLead was born.

GingerLead’s features include:

  • Easy to Use
  • Soft, Padded Sling Designed for Comfort & to Minimize Bunching
  • Male Slings Available
  • Machine Washable
  • Adjustable for Height of Dog and Owner
  • Attached Handle & Leash Maximizes Control, Safety & Comfort
  • Made in the USA

It is ideal for dogs recovering from orthopedic surgeries (knee, hip or back), dogs suffering from arthritis, degenerative myelopathy, stroke recovery, other debilitating conditions, rear leg amputees, or older dogs needing some help with their mobility.  It is great for taking dogs out to relieve themselves, helping them up and down stairs, or taking them for walks.  It may be used for support or even just some stability for dogs that may lose their balance.

GingerLeads are Available in Wide Ranges of Sizes

GingerLeads are available in various sizes to fit all dogs from toy to giant breeds.

If your dog has trouble going up or down stairs, here’s a video showing how the GingerLead can help:

Does your dog use a GingerLead? Do you have any questions about this dog sling? Please leave us a reply below. Thank you.


GingerLead: Help Your Dog Walk

Keep On Walking…

While working with and owning dogs over the years, I’ve seen firsthand how hip dysplasia, arthritis, and injury can seriously compromise a dog’s ability to walk or even stand up.

These situations present difficult decisions for the dog’s family. Often surgery is helpful, but the rehabilitation process can be challenging – especially for older folks with their own aching joints and backs. In other cases, little can be done to stop the natural progression of disease and aging on a dog’s joints and bones.  And, yet, the dog remains a vital, deeply loved member of the family.  Sadly, in the past, dogs with these conditions were often put down because there wasn’t a good way to rehabilitate them back to a healthy, active life.

GingerLead: A Better Way

New technology – and lots of ingenuity – has changed that. Today there are many dog harnesses and dog slings designed to help rehabilitate dogs and keep them active after injury or surgery, or as they deal with degenerating joints in their golden years.

We highly recommend the GingerLead dog harness because it’s effective, comfortable for your pup, and easy to use.  The GingerLead combines a durable outer fabric with a soft, corduroy liner in a sturdy dog sling that wraps around your dog’s belly to provide full support for his hips and back legs. The integrated handle and leash on the top of the GingerLead lets you control and support your dog with just one hand. That makes it easy on your back and legs too!

GingerLead is a Versatile Harnesses

GingerLead Dog Support Harness

GingerLead Dog Support and Lift Harness

Vets recommend dog lift harnesses like the GingerLead for dogs with many conditions including:

  • hip dysplasia
  • degenerative myelopathy
  • back and spinal injuries
  • arthritis in the knees, back, or hips
  • rear leg paralysis
  • stroke recovery
  • trouble getting up and down the stairs

Have you tried the GingerLead with your dog? If so, please let us know how it worked. We really value our customer’s opinions and our other customers do, too. Please share your experience using a dog harness or dog sling in the comments section below.

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