Deramaxx Production Updates

Deramaxx is Back In Stock at VetRxDirect!

Deramaxx, the popular non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug for dogs, is once again available in 30 count bottles at your pet’s online pharmacy, VetRxDirect.

Deramaxx is Available at VetRxDirectDeramaxx (deracoxib) chewable NSAID tablets are used to relieve pain and inflammation after surgery and is also indicated for treating chronic pain in dogs.

If your dog was previously using Deramaxx, ask your pet’s veterinarian today if you should continue to give the replacement therapy or if you should switch back to Deramaxx. Your veterinarian who has examined your pet is the best source for this information. A blood test before continuing to use the current NSAID or before switching back to Deramaxx may be needed. Your veterinarian may also prescribe a period of no pain relievers, also known as a washout period, before switching NSAIDs.

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