Examining your Pet’s Dental Care

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According to legend, dogs’ mouths are cleaner than any other mammals. This often leads many of us to believe our pets’ dental health is superb. However, this is not the case.

Dogs, as well as cats, need routine dental checkups much like us humans do. Many of us only think about dental care when our cat or dog has a problem. Scheduling regular dental exams before these problems arise can prevent issues. See VetRxDirect’s Dental Month blog post for more information.


  • Dental disease is the second most common disease in cats and dogs?
  • Before our pet’s third birthday they can develop dental disease?
  • Visual examination of our pet’s mouth only reveals 30% of our pet’s dental health?
  • Our pets are masters at disguising pain and can be suffering from dental disease long before they show signs?

It is important to visit your veterinarian and schedule regular dental cleanings and exams for your pet. This will not only help your veterinarian diagnose dental issues early on, it will also promote a longer, healthier and more comfortable life for your pet.

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  • C.E.T HEXtra Chews – Available for both as Hextra for Cats and Hextra for Dogs, provides your pets with the support needed to remove plaque and loosen tartar.
  • Clenz-a-dent Food Additive – Sprinkling this daily on your dog or cats’ food can aid in plaque control, tartar control and help them maintain fresh breath. This product should not be given to any pets suffering from hyperthyroidism.

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Brush Up on Your Pet’s Dental Health

I don’t know many people who love going to the dentist, but I think we can all agree on the value of good dental hygiene. It’s important for pets too. After obesity, dental disease is the second most common disease in pets and it can start as early as age three.

The status of your pet’s dental health is hard to actually see since visual exams show only about 30% of what’s happening on the teeth and gums; x-rays are necessary to see the full picture. Veterinary trips, x-rays, special products…. Yes, veterinary dental care is an extra expense. But beyond causing “dog breath,” dental disease can have devastating effects because it:

  • Causes pain and can hamper your pet’s ability to eat
  • Creates bacteria that can move into major organs including the heart, liver and kidney
  • Shortens your pet’s life

What can you do to improve your pet’s dental health?

Whether you have a puppy with pearly whites, an older cat with yellow teeth, or a senior dog that is missing a few, you can improve your pet’s dental health.

·Ask your veterinarian about your pet’s dental health. The first step is to talk to your veterinarian about what’s best for your pet. She’ll recommend a dental health regimen based on your pet’s age, general health, and the condition of his teeth. If a cleaning is in order, ask about discounts or special dental health programs during February as they’re often available during pet dental month.
·Start a pet dental health regimen as early as you can. If you have a puppy or kitten, get them accustomed to regular tooth and gum massages. Then when their adult teeth come in they’ll be more accepting of regular tooth brushing.
Dental Health Products for Pets are Available at VetRxDirect·Choose the best pet oral hygiene products.  Toothpastes and brushes made for humans should not be used on dogs and cats! Talk to your veterinarian about which dental health supplies, chews, and supplements are right for your pet and how to use them. Remember, veterinary cleaning products are most effective if you start using them when your pet is young or right after your dog or cat has had a teeth cleaning.

·Check out VetRxDirect’s selection of top quality dental health products for dogs and cats:

·Make the commitment. You are the most important part of your pet’s dental health regimen. Your cat can’t brush her own teeth and your dog can’t reach the dental chews on his own (or maybe he can!). Sticking to a dental health plan takes work, but it’s worth the effort because you can avoid costly dental procedures later in your pet’s life.

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