VetBiotek Skincare Solutions for Dogs and Cats

The VetBiotek skin care line for dogs and cats offers a variety of topical shampoos, waterless mousse, sprays, wipes, and ear solutions. Designed for antiseptic cleansing, they aid in the treatment of skin and ear infections, seborrhea, allergies, and a variety of other skin conditions. VetBiotek uses a key ingredient called Microsilver BG, a pure microscopic metallic silver that is a natural antimicrobial and penetrates biofilm. Biofilm is a natural slime-like coating that forms a protective barrier over bacteria, yeast, and fungi. This protective layer can make these organisms more resistant because it does not allow antibiotics or medications to get in. The film must be broken in order for the antibiotics to get in do their job, therefore causing them to break down and die. The Microsilver keeps working overtime to help prevent the area from being infected again.

VetBiotek topical products also contain Ceramide III, a skin-identical molecule which helps enforce the natural skin barrier. Additionally, it discourages the loss of water through the epidermis, the top layer of the skin. VetBiotek shampoos and conditioners also use soap-free formulas

BioHex Available at VetRxDirectBiohex Shampoo and Wipes

BioHex is an antiseptic and cleansing shampoo. It contains chlorhexidine and miconazole. BioHex Wipes are ideal for skin folds, facial areas, between the toes and footpads, and other sensitive skin areas. Like the shampoo, they contain chlorhexidine and climbazole for an antifungal.

VetBiotek HexaDerm Max HexaDerm Max Shampoo

HexaDerm Max antibacterial shampoo helps reduce bacteria on the skin that cause skin infections. It contains chlorhexidine with deep cleansing and deodorizing action.

 BioSeb at VetRxDirectBioSeb Shampoo and Mousse

BioSeb is an antiseptic shampoo that helps reduce excessive oiliness and manage skin conditions like seborrheic dermatitis. It works as a degreasing cleanser to help remove scales, crusts, and flakes. BioSeb contains salicylic acid to lift dead skin cells as well as soften skin.


The VetBiotek dermatology products are best when used under the supervision of your veterinarian, and it is always best to ask them before using a new product with your pet. Ask your vet today!