Part of a Team of Professionals

A Team of Professionals

Most of us consider our pets part of the family and give them healthy food, exercise, toys, and — of course — lots of love. (Admit it, you let Fluffy sleep on the bed, right?) Part of being a great pet parent is ensuring your dog or cat gets quality health care so she can enjoy many healthy years by your side.

5 Pet Health Care Basics:

  • Regular veterinary check ups
  • Immunizations
  • Preventative medications (as needed)
  • Prompt medical attention in case of illness or injury
  • Quality, accurately dosed medication dispensed for animals (as needed)

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Your veterinarian is always the first – and best – health care resource

for your pet.


And when your veterinarian gives you a prescription to fill or you need a special supplement for your pet, we’re here to help. Our licensed pharmacists and pharmacy technicians work with you and your veterinarian to dispense the right medication for your pet quickly, conveniently — and always at a fair price.


VetRxDirect PawVetRxDirect is part of the professional team

keeping your pet healthy.

Prescriptions – People are required see a doctor before they can get a prescription. The same goes for pets. You need to see a veterinarian who can diagnose your pet and then write the correct prescription for her. If you’d like us to fill it, your veterinarian can fax us the prescription directly and we’ll dispense the medication to you. We keep any refills on file for your convenience.

Nutritional supplements – We proudly stock many nutritional supplements and some of the newest nutraceuticals on the market. While most don’t require a prescription, we highly recommend checking with your veterinarian before you give your dog or cat anything new.

Special products – We also stock many specialty and hard-to-find products and medications most veterinarians don’t carry because of cost or space constraints. If your pet needs a special product from VetRxDirect, check with your veterinarian first, and then place your order with us. And we’re always happy to answer your questions about medications or how to use special medical equipment.

You, your veterinarian, and VetRxDirect — we’re the best, most professional team for keeping your pet healthy!

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