How to Remove Pet Tear Stains

Getting Rid of Tear Stains
Imaging walking around day and night with dark goo streaked down your cheeks serving as a breeding ground for bacteria and yeast. As unpleasant as this may sound to us humans, our canine friends commonly experience rheum, otherwise known as “tear stains”.Tear stains are a reddish-brown discharge causing unsightly discoloration around the eyes and is often extremely irritating for both dogs and cats. This excessive tearing condition is frequent amongst smaller breeds with short snouts and shallow eye sockets, and especially noticeable on dog breeds with light-colored fur. Poodle, Chihuahua, and Maltese breeds in particular are notably prone to this affliction, particularly when they are puppies undergoing their teething stage.

Thankfully though, it is fairly easy to remove these unsightly and irritating marks at home.

Home Remedies for Tear Stains
To prevent discolored marking of your pet’s hair, wipe away at newly formed muck using cotton swabs dipped in warm water two times a day. Try softening up your pet’s fur beforehand using baby wipes, which should make brushing out the crust a little easier. It also helps to keep the hairs around your pet’s eyes trimmed to keep tangles and unnecessary eye-irritation at a minimum. Be extra careful working around your pet’s eyes, as they are extremely sensitive.

It is also advisable to consider scheduling an appointment with your veterinarian if the problem continues to persist over time. While tearing occurs naturally, it can also be a symptom of greater problems, including ear infections, clogged tear ducts, allergies, and/or gum disease.

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