How Big is an Epakitin Scoop?

Epakitin is available in three tub sizes


How many grams of powder does the Epakitin scoop hold?

VetRxDirect recently has had many questions in regards to the size of the Epakitin scoop. We thought we had an easy answer; 1 gram. This is the information provided to us on the product insert and the client information sheets. When we got more than one question, we knew something was up. So we investigated.

Make sure to read the Epakitin Administration directions carefully!

The 2.16oz (60g) and 6.3oz (180g) tubs of Epakitin include scoops containing 1 gram of powder per level spoonful, while the 10.6oz (300g) tub includes a scoop containing 2.5 grams of powder per level spoonful. Make sure to read the directions and size of container carefully. You can also tell which product you have by studying the picture above.

All three tubs contain the same powder, so the concentration is the same. The largest tub just includes a larger scoop so pet parents do not have to administer too many spoonfuls to get to the proper dose for a large dog.

Let’s use an example:

Say a pet parent has a 100 pound dog. This dog weighs 45.4kg. The directions on all tubs of Epakitin say to administer 1g/5kg of body weight by mouth in the morning and the evening mixed with food. Because the two smaller tubs of Epakitin use a 1 gram scoop, this pet parent would give NINEΒ level spoonfuls!

The largest tub of Epakitin is the most economical at our pet pharmacy and the easiest to give to large dogs. In our example above, with the larger scoop of 2.5 grams in the largest tub, the pet parent would give 3.6 level spoonfuls. Much easier to administer.

Talk to your pet’s veterinarian before starting Epakitin or before changing tub size.

Your pet’s veterinarian is always the first and best source for information regarding your pet’s health, including the administration of Epakitin Nutritional Supplement PowderΒ for use in pets with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). A veterinarian will help you decide if Epakitin is right for your pet and figure out the proper dose and number of spoonfuls of powder to give to your pet.

Have you given Epakitin to your pet?

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