Tips for Hiding Pills from Pets

Tips & Tricks for Hiding Pills

Do you want to take the difficulty out of giving pets pills? Does your pet make a fuss out of eating their medicine? I have personally had issues giving my dog her medicine if its not a flavored, chewable tablet. Some capsules can be sprinkled onto dog food, but it doesnt always cover up the taste of the medicine. I have searched for a better way to get her to take those pesky pills. I have now found solutions to getting the medicine into my dog: Kinn products and Greenies Pill Pockets. We carry the Kinn and Greenies product lines because we believe these products are truly the best. The Greenies line is a trusted source for all pet treats, and the Kinn products allow you to make custom pet treats with your own recipes to hide their medications, including any compounded medications.

Pill Concealment Products for Hiding Pills

Pill Pockets by Greenies:

Greenies has formulated an easy way to give your pets medications by putting them into a hollowed out tasty treat. There are many different flavors for cats and dogs Pill Pockets, and are even available in formulations with real meat! There is also an allergy formula for the more sensitive pets. Pill Pockets come in capsule or tablet sizes for convenient use. To use Pill Pockets, you just have to place the pill inside the hole in the treat, then close the open end by pinching it with your fingers. The treat is then ready for your pets happy eating!

Kudose Pill Concealer by Kinn:

The Kudose pill concealer is a top of the line product for making pills into treats. In a few minutes, you can hide your pets medications into a custom-made treat they will beg to have. You have the power to decide what ingredients are in your pets treats with the Kudose pill concealer. You can make the treats organic, natural, low fat, or grain free! You can make the treats with or without medications. The treat recipe you choose is placed into the bottle, and you then place a Kudose Kapsule (the capsules made for the pill concealer) into the bottom. You can either add a pill into the capsule before filling it with your delicious treat recipe and hide your pets pills, or you can simply fill it with all treat filling. This product is a great way to eliminate preservatives, fillers, and additives from your pets treats, while ensuring your pet gets their full dose of medicine. You can also reduce the anxiety of medicine time with your pet and make them excited about getting a treat. Kinn believes in their products and even offers a 100% money back guarantee if you decide its not for you and your pet. To show you how the Kudose pill concealer is used, we’ve have provided a 50 second video:

Krocodile Pill Splitter and Crusher by Kinn:

If your pet has to take part of a pill or have their medication crushed into their food, you know how frustrating it can be. Inexpensive human pill splitters wear out easily and arent always good for the large pills some dogs have to take. Kinn has brought a pill splitter and crusher into one quality device. The Krocodile pill splitter and crusher allows you to split tablets easily. This pet piller is strong enough for you to step on if you have troubles with your hands. You can also use the Krocodile Kroc Bellys, which are small baggies for you to place the pills in before you crush them. This is a great way to reduce contamination between your different pets pills and it ensures your pet receives their full dose of medication. Below is a video about Kinn Krocodile:

Kase Pill Dispenser by Kinn:

My husband and I camp during the summer and taking our dogs medications with us can be a hassle. The Kase pill dispenser can resolve issues of traveling with pet medications and with giving medications on the go! The Kase pill dispenser is a small metal device which holds six treats or pills with an easy to load and release design. The Kase pill dispenser allows you to get the treat or medication out easily and with one hand. This makes giving pet medications easier when youre on the go, have arthritis, or have general difficulty with your hands. The Kase pill dispenser also protects your pets costly medications from being damaged from breaking during travel. The video below shows how convenient the Kase pill dispenser is to use:

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