Recent E-mailed Receipt Changes

Our customer service pharmacy technicians reported some confusing language in our e-mailed receipt we send out to customers after orders are placed. The main area needing clarification was the designation of products as prescription or over-the-counter (OTC) and how our pharmacy handles each type of pet med.

To back up a moment, we want to share how to tell if a specific product on our website is a prescription drug. This is an easy one. Simply look for the orange Rx symbol next to the product name on any of our product pages. See the example below:


You will also know you’ve ordered a prescription pet med for your pet when you are asked for your pet and veterinarian’s information during checkout.

Back to our e-mailed receipt, we have separated our e-mail into two distinctive messages. One for OTC only orders and one for any order including a prescription drug. Both of the new receipts include information regarding items on your order as well as shipping information. That’s about it for the OTC version, while the prescription version includes information how VetRxDirect obtains prescription authorization from your pet’s veterinarian.

Here is a recap on some important facts to consider when VetRxDirect needs to obtain prescription authorization:

  • We must obtain authorization before shipping prescription pet meds
  • We do everything quickly at VetRxDirect. As soon as we have authorization on file, we’ll ship your order
  • If we have trouble obtaining an authorization, we’ll e-mail you right away.
  • If your order combines Rx and OTC items, we wait until we have authorization for the Rx item and ship the entire order.
  • If we have valid refills on file, we’ll ship your order right away.
  • Prescriptions do expire requiring us to obtain new authorizations.
  • If you have a written prescription from your pet’s veterinarian, you’ll probably end up needing to send us the original by mail. That’s why we all prefer faxed authorizations.
  • Sorry, but pharmacies are unable to accept faxed prescriptions from customers.
  • Faxed authorizations from veterinarians are the most common, reliable, and secure method of getting your pet’s prescription authorization on file. This is were we’ll start unless we get other information from you.

We apologize for all the rules, but your pet’s safety and health is our first concern. Our second concern is getting you your pet’s medications as quickly as possible.

We hope this clarifies issues interpreting our communications with you, our loyal customers. If you have any questions or you think we need to include more information, please leave us a comment below.

Have a great day,