Time for a Check Up!

kitten_examWhen was the last time your cat or dog got a health check up? If it’s been more than a year, you’re overdue for a trip to the vet.  October is National Pet Wellness Month, so it’s the perfect time to focus on your pet’s health.

Here at VetRxDirect, we really support the relationship between pet owners, their pets, and veterinarians. Your veterinarian knows what’s best for your pet. Annual exams for your pet help ensure that your veterinarian can make informed, ongoing decisions about your pet’s medical care.

Just like humans, dogs and cats need regular medical care to help maintain good health.  And skipping annual check ups is more detrimental to pets. Think about it — each human year equals about seven dog years, so when you skip your dog’s annual appointment, it’s like missing seven check ups.

What are the benefits of regular veterinarian check ups?

Healthier pets – You’ll always have the right type and dosage of maintenance medications — like heartworm, flea and tick preventatives — as your pet grows up.

Save money in the long run – Yearly exams are more likely to catch medical problems before they become serious and require costly medications and treatments.

Special care for senior pets – As your dog or cat ages, check-ups become even more important because older pets face more medical issues. Your pet’s veterinarian is your best resource for recommendations on medications and supplements that keep senior pets healthy and comfortable in their golden years.

Don’t wait – make a vet appointment for your pet today! And if we can help with anything from supplements to supplies, just let us know.

We’ll be here for you pet’s medication needs,