MicrocynVS Wound Care Solutions for Dogs and Cats

MicrocynVS is new line of topical skin and wound care solutions for animals. They are formulated with pure hypochlorous technology to encourage optimal healing and serve as an antimicrobial. Microcyn VS products aid in debridement, irrigation, and cleansing of wounds and help eliminate odor. They also help reduce bacteria, fungi, and spores on the skin. All MicrocynVS products have a non-toxic formula and do not contain steroids, antibiotics, or blech. They do not harm healthy tissue and help relieve minor irritations. They are designed for all animal skin types including dogs, cats, and horses.

MicrocynVS Wound & Skin Care at VetRxDirectMicrocynVS Wound & Skin Care

Wound & Skin Care Spray cleans, treats, and heals your pet’s wounds in an easy to use spray. Use for antimicrobial cleansing and irrigation of wounds, or moistening wound dressings to help reduce infection, irritation, and swelling. Ideal for cuts, abrasions, rashes, burns, abscesses,  as well as post-surgical sites, hot spots, lacerations, and irritated skin.

Hot-Spot & Anti-Itch Spray GelMicrocynVS Hot Spot Spot & Anti-Itch Spray Gel

Hot Spot and Anti-Itch Spray Gel soothes itching, irritation, redness, and inflammation. This easy to use, thin gel formula includes the skin protectant dimethicone, which helps provide a skin barrier to keep out debris, irritants, and infection. Ideal for hot spots, rashes, scratches, abrasions, mud and rain rot, mane and tail eczema.

Eye and Ear Wash at VetRxDirectMicrocynVS Eye & Ear Wash

Ear & Eye Wash is designed to safely cleanse sensitive areas of the skin, and around the eyes and ears. Use to cleanse and flush dirt, debris, irritants, and keep out infection. Ideal for daily eye and ear cleaning or during ear infections, pink eye, and eye discharge.

MicrocynVS Ophthalmic GelMicrocynVS Ophthalmic Gel

Ophthalmic Gel helps cleanse and flush the eye of irritants, dirt, debris, and other contaminants. This thin gel helps soothe burning, stinging, and itching. Ideal for animals with allergies, eye abrasions, irritations, and pink eye.