MULTIVA Calming Helps Pets Keep Calm and Relaxed

Multiva Calming

MULTIVA Calming Supplement

The Multiva Calming supplement is designed to help support balanced behavior and a sense of calm and relaxation for dogs and cats who react to environmental stressors. Each calming chew contains a blend of natural, synergistic ingredients to ease the animal into relaxation without sedation or personality changes. Multiva Calming can be used for specific, challenging events or prolonged management to support both dogs and cats with anxiety and fearfulness. This supplement also helps to reduce the effects of stress on your pet’s health and supports functions of the nervous system and cognitive function.

How MULTIVA Calming may be used to help dogs and cats:

Multiva is suitable for short-term and long-term use, making it ideal for a variety of situations in which dogs and cats may feel stressed or fearful. It may also aid in training and behavior modification to help reduce those commonly associated with stress or anxiety-driven events. These behaviors may vary; some common include hyperactivity, pacing, excessive barking or vocalization, urinating, freezing, panting, aggression, self-harm, or physical injury. While Multiva is labeled for dogs and cats of all ages and breeds, it is generally recommended to talk with your veterinarian before using a new supplement.

  • Thunderstorms, fireworks, loud noises, noise sensitivity, or noise phobias.
  • Veterinary visits, grooming, car trips, vacations, or traveling.
  • Separation anxiety, fearfulness, loneliness,  kenneling or boarding.
  • Changes in social environment: introducing new people or pets,  changes in owner schedule or routines.
  • Changes in physical environment: new furniture, remodeling, construction, or moving.
  • Supports behavior management programs.
  • Aids training and behavior modification.

MULTIVA Calming Ingredients: Multiva contains a blend of key plant and milk-based ingredients that work together to create a calming action. It does not contain sedatives or L-tryptophan. The active ingredients, L-theanine, Colostrum, and Vitamin B1, were chosen and developed by the manufacturer VetNova:

  •  L-Theanine is a naturally occurring amino acid found in green tea. The administration of L-theanine favors states of calmness and relaxation without causing drowsiness,
    reduces episodes of stress, anxiousness, hyperactivity, and irritability, and maintains normal mental alertness, allowing the animal to concentrate and learn.
  • Colostrum has been shown to contain precursors of important neuroactive molecules that can affect alertness, cognitive function, and the level of anxiousness
    in stressed animals. Studies of colostrum given to dogs and cats have shown a reduction in stress and undesired behavioral patterns.
  • Thiamine (Vitamin B1) plays a critical role in the central nervous system, including helping to maintain its normal function, circulation,
    cognitive activity, and brain functions. Thiamine is not stored in the body, and deficiency can occur during stressful situations. Source:

This information is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease and is purely educational. Please seek advice from your pet’s veterinarian with any questions regarding your pet’s health.