Douxo S3

Now with Ophytrium, a new ingredient which works with your pet's natural skin barrier.

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“It really helped his skin and has tons of sores...and he is nearly flake free”

Dana, UT


“Have been using the shampoo for 1 week and I am seeing a great improvement already.”

Doxie, FL

Ophytrium, the new, key ingredient in Douxo S3, provides a physical, microbiological, and immunological skin barrier for your dog and cat. Douxo S3 provides support for hydrated, balanced, and healthy skin. Douxo S3 Calm is for soothing itchy, irritated skin. Douxo S3 PYO helps maintain the microbal balance of skin using chlorhexidine. Douxo S3 SEB helps manage seborrhea skin types. Douxo S3 Care and Micellar Solution are gentle for regular use.