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DOUXO Seborrhea with PS 

  • The DOUXO Seborrhea with PS Micro-Emulsion Spray has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Please contact your veterinarian for suggestions of similar products. 
  • The DOUXO Seborrhea with PS Mousse has also been discontinued. Please ask your veterinarian for new recommendations.

DOUXO Seborrhea with PS Shampoo is a cleansing shampoo that aids in the treatment of skin conditions caused by excess oil production. It uses phytosphingosine, a natural component of the epidermis, to help restore the skin lipid barrier and control the production of scale and sebum. It also includes Soothex® a moisturizing and anti-inflammatory agent, and Fomblin® a film-forming agent for skin protection. Seborrhea Shampoo gently yet effectively cleanses with a pleasant green tea fragrance. ***500mL Shampoo, Mousse, and Spray discontinued by the manufacturer.