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“EFA Essential Fatty Acid Shampoo: 5 Star I would buy this product again and again!!! This helps my dog with her dander - she shines after her treatment and smell!”

Mary, FL

“Pharmaseb: Great Product! 5 Star I use this product to clean my labradoodle's ears every 3 weeks. It is an awesome product that has kept his ears clean...”

Janice, IN

Animal Pharmaceuticals offers a full range of innovative products that include soap-free shampoos, deodorizing and grooming formulas, general ear cleansing and drying solutions, medicated shampoos and flushes, dental chews, fatty acid, and glucosamine supplements. All Animal Pharmaceuticals products are manufactured according to current Good Manufacturing Practices.

Combat a variety of skin conditions, including bacteria and fungus, with the Pharmaseb family of products. Promote healthy skin and coat with the high potency Omega fatty acids in Catalyst. Support joint movement and wellness with ZM Ultra glucosamine supplements. Soothe itching and irritated skin with the Comfort family of products. Discover the benefits of pure krill oil in all three Krillex formulas. Lather up Benzoyl Peroxide or Max Chlorhexidine for a deep, medicated cleanse to rebalance oily skin conditions and fight microbial growth.

Animal Pharmaceuticals specializes in combining patented and therapeutic ingredients. Animal Pharmaceuticals products use liposomes, a patented technology that microencapsulates certain ingredients in liquid supplements, shampoos, and ear products. Liposomes make it possible for ingredients to penetrate deeper and release over a longer period of time.