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VetBioTek Ultra Otic Rinse and Concentrate

VetBioTek Ultra Otic is a two part ear care protocol designed to manage ear infections and recurrent ear conditions. The Ultra Otic Rinse gently, effectively flushes the ear of excess wax and debris, supports ear canal hygiene, and promotes healing from infection. It contains microsilver and lactic acid to help kill bacteria,yeast, and reduce biofilms. Ultra Otic Concentrate works to break down biofilms caused by resistant bacteria and yeast, and aids in the treatment of ear infections. Formulated with climbazole, ceramides, and microsilver without the use of antibiotics. Available in 4 oz Rinse and individual dose Concentrate.    


  • Breaks down resistant biofilms
  • Antiseptic and antifungal
  • Two step maintenance formula
  • Helps treat ear infections and conditions
  • Antibiotic free