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Interceptor Flavor Tabs Rx

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Interceptor Flavor Tabs for Dogs and Cats

Interceptor is double acting parasite preventative for dogs and cats. It contains milbemycin oxime, a parasiticide that prevents heartworm disease and controls the infection of intestinal worms. It controls whipworms, hookworms and roundworms in dogs. In cats it controls hookworms and roundworms. Interceptor provides 1 month of protection and is a flavored chewable tablet, making it easier to give to your pet. Available in separate dog and cat formulas.

Interceptor Flavor Tabs for Dogs:

  • For dogs and puppies four weeks of age or greater and two pounds body weight or greater.
  • Available in: 2-10 lbs (2.3 mg), 11-25 lbs (5.75 mg), 26-50 lbs (11.5 mg), 51-100 lbs (23.0 mg).

Interceptor Flavor Tabs for Cats:

  • For cats and kittens six weeks of age or greater and 1.5 lbs. body weight or greater.
  • Available in: 1.5 to 6 lbs (5.75 mg),  6.1-12 lbs (11.5 mg), 12.1-25 lbs (23.0 mg)

What you should know about Interceptor Flavor Tabs:

  • Active ingredient: milbemycin oxime
  • Read and follow the prescription label carefully for storage information, possible side effects, and drug interactions.
  • Give the exact amount prescribed and only as often as directed.
  • Do not skip doses or stop giving the medication without consulting your veterinarian.

Interceptor Flavor Tabs are sold as a prescription drug in a maximum of a 12 month supply per dog or cat per year. To buy the same size for more than one cat or dog, add what you need to the cart. You can split the amount to different cats or dogs in checkout.

Most veterinarians require and the American Heartworm Society recommends an annual heartworm test before prescribing Interceptor Flavor Tabs heartworm preventive for your pet. Talk with your pet's veterinarian for more information and to find the best insect and parasite preventatives to complement Interceptor.