Hydra Care
12 Sachets

Hydra Care

  • Usually ships within one business day.

  • Feed one pouch per 5 lbs of body weight per day to adult cats.

  • Use only as directed by your veterinarian.

  • We are unable to ship this product to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico.

Hydra Care Feline Hydration Supplement for Cats by Purina Pro Plan Veterinary

Purina Hydra Care is a nutrient-enriched water supplement that promotes healthy hydration in cats. It contains nutritional osmolytes to help cells absorb water and combat dehydration. Hydra Care has a tempting liver flavor and helps encourage cats to consume more liquid than with just water alone. Ideal for cats that don’t consume enough water and may support cats with urinary and kidney problems. Purina Hydra Care is easy to feed, simply offer it in a third bowl, alongside your cat’s food and water. Packaged in a box of 12 sachets.

  • As with any supplement, please discuss its use with your veterinarian. 
  • Our pharmacists advise that you order only one package until you are sure that your cat likes the Hydra Care. Refunds cannot be made for opened products, and there is a 10% disposal fee for unopened over-the-counter products returned to the pharmacy in 30 days.

Hydra Care Ingredients:

Water, whey protein isolate, glycerin, guar gum, liver flavour, potassium chloride

Hydra Care Directions for Use:

One 85 g pouch per 5 lbs (2.27 kgs) of body weight per day

Hydra Care Guaranteed Analysis:

Calorie Content: 11 kcal/85 g pouch

Nutrient Content:

NutrientAmount per 85 gram packetAs FedDry Matter
Protein1.48 g1.747 %   40.63 %
Fat0.19 g0.227 %5.28 %
Carbohydrate1.84 g2.161 %50.26 %
Crude Fiber0.02 g0.020 %0.46 %
Calcium2.21 mg0.003 %0.06 %
Phosphorus0.77 mg0.009 %0.21 %
Potassium32.56 mg0.038 %0.89 %
Sodium14.55 mg0.017 %0.40 %
Chloride24.29 mg0.029 %0.66 %
Magnesium1.11 mg0.001 %0.03 %