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Yuck! No Chew Spray

8oz Spray Bottle

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Yuck! No Chew Spray for Dogs and Cats

Do you often find your pet chewing on something they shouldn’t? And catch them before it’s too late? Yuck! No Chew Spray works as a behavior modifier to help prevent and put an end to unwanted chewing. It contains a bittering agent that puts an unpleasant taste in the mouth whenever is is licked or chewed. It is safely applied to any washable surface indoors or outdoors and is safe on plants. Yuck! No Chew Spray is water-based without the use of alcohol and can be sprayed over bandages and wounds without causing stinging. Ideal for use with dogs, cats, and horses on a variety of problem areas.  Available in 8 oz bottle.

  • Helps prevent and discourage unwanted chewing and licking
  • Contains bitter taste as a behavior modifier
  • Water-based, no-sting formula
  • Can be applied to wounds & bandages
  • Safe on plants and household objects