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Welactin Canine

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Welactin Canine for Dogs

What is Welactin Canine?

Welactin is a natural omega-3 fatty acid supplement for dogs available in a liquid or softgel capsule formula. Welactin specifically contains EPA and DHA. Welactin may help with skin, coat, and overall health.

How to use Welactin Canine:

Contact your dog’s veterinarian prior to starting Welactin and to receive a specific dose. The oil should be measured with the accompanying scoop and may be added to your dog’s food. The softgel capsules may be given as a treat, mixed with your dog’s food, or punctured and the oil applied onto your dog’s food.

Welactin Canine Softgel capsules:

give one softgel capsule per 20 lbs of your dog’s body weight by mouth daily.

Welactin Canine Liquid:

Dog’s body weight in pounds (lbs)

Number of scoops per day

5-9 lbs

½ scoop every other day

10-19 lbs

½ scoop daily

20-44 lbs

1 scoop daily

45-79 lbs

1.5 scoops daily

80-114 lbs

2 scoops daily

115 lbs and over

2.5 scoops daily