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Vetri DMG

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What is Vetri DMG:

Vetri DMG is a supplement which may help support immune system function and performance in dogs and cats. Vetri DMG works by enhancing circulation and efficient oxygen utilization. It also may help with the building blocks of the body, including glutathione, SAMe, neurotransmitters, hormones, and vitamins. Together, this helps the body recognize and destroy microbes your pet may encounter. For your ultimate convenience, Vetri DMG has manufactured a tablet and liquid to tailor to your pet.


How to use Vetri DMG:

Consult your pet’s veterinarian prior to starting Vetri DMG.


Weight of pet in pounds (lbs)

Suggested dose for first 2 weeks

Suggested dose after the first 2 weeks

20 lbs and under

0.5 mL twice daily

0.5 mL once daily

21-40 lbs

1 mL twice daily

1 mL daily

41-80 lbs

1.5 mL twice daily

1.5 mL daily

81-100 lbs

2 mL twice daily

2 mL daily

Over 100 lbs

3 mL twice daily

3 mL daily



Weight of pet in pounds (lbs)

Suggested dose

20 lbs and under

1 tablet every other day

21-40 lbs

1 tablet daily

41-100 lbs

2 tablets daily

Over 100 lbs

3 tablets daily