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True-Dose Liquid Supplements for Pets - Accurate Dosing Every Time

True-Dose is an innovative new line of liquid pet supplements made with high-quality, natural ingredients to bring a new level of excellence to the pet community.  Quality, accuracy, and efficacy are the pillars of True-Dose.  Human-grade ingredients along with an easy means of administration lead to visible results to improve the health of your pets.  True-Dose provides this higher quality at a lower cost-per-day than tablets or chewables.  The key elements that set True-Dose ahead of the other offerings in this category include: 

  • True-Dose products are made in American in human pharmaceutical facilities and are held to FDA standards, the same as human pharmaceuticals. 
  • True-Dose is dispensed through a metered-dose pump, guaranteeing that dosing is accurate and convenient.
  • As opposed to other forms of supplements, the liquid formula is easily and quickly absorbed into the pet’s system to ensure efficacy and results. 
  • True-dose eliminates the challenges associated with struggling to get your dog or cat to take a tablet every day.
  • Easy to use by pumping on pets’ food and palatability studies prove that it tastes great and pets will gladly consume it every day.