ThyroVet (levothyroxine) Rx

ThyroVet (levothyroxine) Rx

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ThyroVet for Dogs with Hypothyroidism

For the most affordable way to treat your dog’s hypothyroidism, talk to your veterinarian about ThyroVet. This prescription medication has the same active ingredient as the brand name products, but it’s available at a lower price.

  • For dogs with hypothyroidism
  • Contains levothyroxine sodium
  • Affordable hypothyroidism treatment
  • Nine dosage levels available

If your dog has hypothyroidism, or low thyroid hormone levels, it can require ongoing treatment. ThyroVet is a low-cost thyroid replacement hormone that is as effective as brand name medications but can save you money over the long term. This prescription medication’s active ingredient, levothyroixine sodium, replaces the hormones your dog produces naturally and can help relieve some of the symptoms of hypothyroidism including hair loss, weight gain, and lethargy. ThyroVet comes in nine different strengths so your veterinarian can tailor the dosage level to your pet’s specific needs. Talk your veterinarian about whether ThyroVet is right for your dog. What do other people say about ThyroVet? Click on the “Review” tab above.


What you should know about ThyroVet:

  • Talk to your veterinarian before using this product.
  • Follow dosing directions exactly - don’t give your pet more medication than directed and don’t skip doses.
  • Read the label carefully for information about storage, possible side effects, and drug interactions.


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