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Thundershirt for Dogs

Are storms, fireworks, or separation anxiety sending your dog into a shaking, quaking, fearful panic? Then it’s time for the Thundershirt. Using pressure therapy instead of drugs, the Thundershirt’s patent-pending design effectively calms your dog and relieves anxiety without causing lethargy.

  • Affordable, effective, drug-free approach
  • Available in seven sizes to fit all dogs 
  • Useful for managing a range of stressful situations
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


Like a constant, calming hug, the Thundershirt soothes your dog’s fear of loud noises, separation anxiety, crating, travel, and more. The snug fitting design applies gentle, constant pressure along the torso, which has a proven calming effect. And it’s easy to put on, even when your dog is agitated. Veterinarians and trainers recommend the Thundershirt as an effective way to relieve fear and anxiety. It’s also a useful training tool.


What you should know about Thundershirt for Dogs:

Safe for all dogs.

To select the right size, measure the largest point of your dog’s chest just behind his front legs.

Thundershirt can be shipped same day with our fast, FREE standard service.
Chest size is the best measurement for selecting a size.  Simply measure your dog's chest (torso) just behind the front legs at its largest point.
thundershirt for dog anxiety