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Synbiont Wound Care for Dogs and Cats

Synbiont is a wound cleaner that is used to control infections, accelerate healing, and enhance recovery time in all animals. It can be used at post-surgical sites, on mange, hot spots, rashes, girth itch, and at ringworm sites. It is also safe to use around the eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. Its thicker texture will stick to wounds and dressings and will not sting when it is applied. It can be used with other topical wound treatments, but contact your pet's veterinarian regarding the proper application.

How to use Synbiont Wound Care:

  1. Remove excess hair from around wound area. Trim the hair if necessary.
  2. Apply Synbiont liberally to affected areas
  3. If using a dressing, apply Synbiont to the dressing and then apply the dressing to the wound


Synbiont application can be repeated 3 – 4 times per day or as needed. No rinsing is necessary.

Like any topical medication or substance, discontinue use if irritation develops and contact your pet's veterinarian. 

Synbiont is for animal use only.

Synbiont Wound Care Ingredients:

Proprietary blend of alkyl sulfonate and an alkyl sulfate. Fragrance-free and dye free.