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Surolan Otic Suspension Rx

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Surolan Otic Suspension

Surolan is a prescription ear medication for dogs that contains miconazole nitrate (antifungal), polymyxin B sulfate (antibiotic) and predisolone acetate (glucocorticoid). If you dog has been diagnosed with otitis externa or an outer ear infection, your veterinarian may prescribe a topical ear medication such as Surolan. This medication reduces inflammation that is commonly associated with ear infections and fights against certain strains of bacteria and yeast with a broad spectrum antibiotic and antifungal. Consult with your dog’s veterinarian before using this medication, and follow their specific recommendations. Surolan is available in 15ml and 30ml dropper bottles.

  • Read and follow the prescription label carefully for storage information, possible side effects, and drug interactions.
  • Give the exact amount prescribed and only as often as directed.
  • Do not skip doses or stop giving the medication without consulting your veterinarian.
  • For additional information about Surolan, click the “Package Insert” and “More Information” tabs listed above.